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Unpo: West Balochistan: Tortured Political Prisoner Writes To Un Special Rapporteur

Mohammad-Saber Malek Raeesi is on hunger strike to protest torture and arbitrary detention in Iran. The Baloch man is under pressure from the Iranian authorities to give them his brother, who lives in Pakistan. The situation of minorities in Iran remains deeply concerning and in prisons torture is rife.


Gross Human Rights Violations Perpetrated By The Iranian Regime Against Baloch People In Iran, Sabah Bandoui, Bhrg

National and international media, as well as the international community remain silent and fail to improve or even just acknowledge the horrible human rights situation in Balochistan. Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran interpret this silence as a sign of approval, or at least disregard for the gross human rights violations perpetrated against Baloch civilians.


Every Man In Iranian Village 'Executed On Drugs Charges'

"We have a village in Sistan and Baluchestan (province) where every single man has been executed," she told the Mehr news agency.


Iran Still A Leading Executioner Of Minors, Report Says

Iran has executed more people convicted of capital crimes committed as minors than any other country.


Executions Of Sunni Preachers, Activists Continue In Iran

In October, Iran confirmed it had handed a death sentence to a Sunni cleric, Shahram Ahadi, who had been arrested in 2009. (Al Arabiya)


Over 8,000 Suspects Arrested In Balochistan This Year

Over 8,000 suspects have been arrested in more than 1,800 operations carried out by security forces in different parts of Balochistan since the start of the current year, the provincial home ministry said on Wednesday.


Balochistan Peoples Party's Appeal: To Pressurize Iranian Authorities To Release Innocent Young Men Of Nassir Abad.

To avoid fulfilling the Baloch people's demands it blames Baloch activists of having contact with foreign countries and receiving wages as mercenaries of foreign countries.


A Daughters Plea For Release Of Father And Brothers In Iranian Jails

Subject: Appeal for immediate release of Malik Mohammad Abadian, Abdulhadi, Abdullah, Javad, Gol Muhammad Boladai, and Nezamuldin Mullazadeh.

Mr Shahid And Mansoor

Extra Judicial Killings In Balochistan, Iran, Balochistan Human Rights Group

These killings have happened in different circumstances, for instance, people been walking on their way to works, or some coming back home, some were fired on while driving their car. Some of these attacks have happened while all the members of a family have been together in the car. Some cases of extra judicial killing in recent months are:


Iran's War On Two Fronts, By Kevin D. Williamson

impression of Iran is a distorted one. We overestimate the country, it's a slightly poorer Belarus without the manufacturing sector. it is between below Bulgaria but (barely) above Botswana,


Iran Executions Surge Amid U.S. Nuclear Talks

"Many of the executions are occurring in broad daylight, in public places, with people being hanged from construction cranes,"


Analysis: If Iran Can’t Hold Human Rights Pledges, How Can It Abide By Nuke Deal?

In terms of Rouhani’s ability to deliver on his promises, it is worth recalling that he declared prior to his 2013 election victory: “All Iranian people should feel there is justice. Justice means equal opportunity.


Baluch Political Prisoner Slain Under Brutal Torture

Prior to this, his brother, Ali Narouei, was killed by Ministry of Intelligence officials for his political activities.


Two Baloch Prisoners Denied Family Visit For 6 Years

the Iranian intelligence Service conditioned family visiting the prisoners only if the families start cooperating with the Iranian Intelligence Service (= Etilahat)


Iranian City Picks Islamic Republic's First Female Minority Ethnic Mayor

After finishing a master's degree in natural resources, she made the rare decision for a young woman enjoying Tehran's freer society to return to her home town and campaign to become mayor.


Fear Of More Revenge Executions In Balochistan By Iranian Government, Balochistan People Party

This kind of method of revenge killing by Iranian government has always been used in response to clashes with armed forces systematically.


Book Translaterad To Swedish About Baloch As A Person: Mahmud Doulatabadi, Möten Med Balocher – Varje Människa är Ett Epos

träffa, polisen från Shiraz som tycks se det som sin livsuppgift att omvända sunniter till shiismen, och många många fler.


Comment : Subtle Lies And Strident Truths Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The constitutional actions and benevolence of Punjab have never translated into happiness for the Baloch people


Three People Executed In The Central Prison Of Zahedan, Body Found In Pahra

Sources further reported that Iran awarded death sentence to at least 83 people in Zehran Prison. Majority of the victims are Baloch who were arrested from different areas of Iranian occupied Balochistan.


Pakistan Terror Campaign In Balochistan Asian Human Rights Commission Documents Abuses

War on doctors: 32 missing, 28 murdered, Abductions, disappearances, assassinations & torture


Report Of The Special Rapporteur On The Situation Of Human Rights In The Islamic Republic Of Iran

The Balochi are reportedly subjected to systematic social, racial, religious, and economic discrimination, and are also severely underrepresented in state apparatuses.59


Iran Executes Four More Baloch Political Prisoners

The Human Rights Activist (HARANA) has named the four latest Baloch victims of the state’s barbarism as: Gulam Reki, Parviz Mirbalochzahi, Abdulah Barahoui and Mohammad shah Norzai. They were executed on 16 February 2013.


Forced Confession Of Baloch Political Prisoners In Iran

We fear their execution will happen soon, thus asking international community and human rights defenders to intervene and put pressure on the Iranian government to halt the prisoners’ execution and provide them open and fair trial with access to their own defense lawyers.


Appeal To:The International Community To Put Pressure On Iranian Government To Stops Mass Arrests And Executions Of Baloch People In Iran

Based on the above, and on behalf of the Baloch people in Iran, Balochistan People's Party urges you to:


At Least Four Baluch Citizens Were Detained In Nikshahr, Iran

HRANA News Agency - Intelligence and security forces began the arrest of oppositions' relatives, following the recent explosion in Chabahar.


Imminent Execution Of Baloch Political Prisoners In Iran: Balochistan Peoples Party

two of the death sentenced prisoners were teenagers at the time of their arrest; they were detained by Intelligence service and after enduring months of physical and psychological torture by interrogators from the Ministry of Information were forced to make televised confessions against themselves.


The Plight Of Baloch Youth By Nasser Boladai Published In The Foreign Policy Centre: A Uk Based Independent Progressive Foreign Affairs Think Tank.

Table 1 demonstrates much higher than average age group of 0-14 year olds and lower than average 65 and over indicating a young population structure and low life expectancy within the region. Of concern is the high 0-14 year old age group pointing towards serious future problems with existing policies.


Religious Discrimination And Injustice To Ahlesunnat, Geneva July 22, 2012, Presented By Nasser Nabatzahi, Balochistan Human Right Organisation

The Iranian Sunnis are treated with discrimination not only at hospitals, courts, and other government services, but even in the choice of names for their newborn babies.


Side Evne In Geneva 18 June 2012: "Human Right In Iran" Physical Insecurity In Balochistan, Presented By Nasser Boladia

people aware of the regimes techniques in creating circumstances for division in the Baloch society did not responded to regime propaganda,


Balochistan Peoples Parties Appeal To Stop Arrest, Killing And Execution Of Baloch In Iran

After the security forces used live ammunitions against peaceful protester the demonstration grow in the strength and were joined by people from the neighboring towns and villages, there were similar demonstrations in other regions like Jakigwar and Parood.


Unrest In Rask After Arrest Of Some Prominent Sunni Baloch Scholars

This action was met with reactions of women who had witnessed the incident and informed the public about the arrest of the scholars.


Report Of The Special Rapporteur On The Situation, Ahmed Shaheed:

State religion of Shia Islam, has further alienated the Baloch and severely limited their employment opportunities and political participation


Palochistan: The Bullet Riddled Bodies Of Nine More Missing Persons Including One Journalist Were Found

Two of the three missing persons were found, their bodies bearing marks of torture and bullet wounds but the whereabouts of Khair Bux is unknown.


Baluch Teenager Exiled & Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison

His only crime is being related to his brother who is outside the country. Iranian Intelligence Agency has threatened Mohammad's family multiple times with executing him if his oldest brother doesn't return


State Oppression Of Baloch People In Iran Nasser Boladai

Presentation at the Side even on 18th session of the United Nation in Geneva on Nationalities in Iran which was jointly organized by The Movement Against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples " And Zagros Human Right Organisation


Pakistan: Security Forces ‘disappear' Opponents In Balochistan By Human Rights Watch

Pakistan's security forces are engaging in an abusive free-for-all in Balochistan as Baloch nationalists and suspected militants ‘disappear,' and in many cases are executed.


Hrw Calls For End To Killing Of Baloch Activists

Assailants have also carried out targeted killings of opposition leaders and activists. Human Rights Watch has extensively documented enforced disappearances by Pakistan's security forces in Balochistan, including several cases in which those "disappeared" have been found dead.

H Balochistan

Balochistan: Pictures From A Certain Hell, Kamila Hyat

But in Chile as in other places that have seen brutal rule of a similar kind many have chosen to speak out against it, sometimes putting their own lives at risk. We see this happening in Balochistan itself.


Balochistan: Human Rights Report Reveals Systematic Abuse As "Appalling" Situation Continues

Indeed, "Balochistan stands out for more than one reason even in the appalling human rights situation across Pakistan today. The state's security apparatus in the province has been accused of serious human rights violations.


In Iran, Journalists Remain In Government's Crosshairs

Sakhi Rigi, a blogger, political activist, and formerly a member of opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi's campaign staff, was sentenced to a 20-year prison term by a Revolutionary Court in Zahedan in Baluchistan province, according to local news reports. CPJ could not determine when the Revolutionary Court ruled on Rigi's case.6/in-iran-journalists-remain-in-governments-crosshai.php


Iran: Record Breaking 20 Year Jail Sentence For Blogger

His blog was called Balouchestan Sarfaraz [3] (Pride Baluchistan) [fa]. Rigi was arrested on 18 June, 2009, and is being held in appalling conditions in Karon prison, in Ahvaz. Torture was used to extract a confession. Adding to his bad luck, is that he has the same surname as Abdolmalek Rigi [4], the late head of the Balochi armed opposition group Jundallah, which in the eyes of the authorities implicates him.


Hospital Officials: Iraqi Forces Forcibly Removed Iranian Dissidents From Hospital

according to the doctor and an ambulance driver who spoke on condition of anonymity because


Obama's Silence Over Camp Ashraf

The same principle under which international law was used to justify action in Libya to protect the civilian population applies to the situation in Camp Ashraf


Baloch Missing Persons: 121 Bodies Recovered In Eight Months

As many as 121 bullet-riddled bodies have been recovered from different parts of Balochistan in the past eight months, chairman Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VFBMP) said on Thursday.


Un Creates New Post Of Human Rights Investigator To Probe Alleged Abuses In Iran

GENEVA — The United Nations’ top human rights body created a new special investigator’s job Thursday to look into human rights abuses in Iran


Us Confident Of Support For Special Un Human Rights Investigator On Iran

Washington’s ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva


Pakistan: Balochistan Atrocities Continue To Rise

Balochistan holds the largest single source of domestic energy reserves in Pakistan, but Baloch groups argue these resources disproportionately benefit other provinces and ethnic communities.


Embarrassing Pakistan? Editorial:The Baloch Hal

AI urged the UA and China to make sure that assistance provided to Islamabad to fight the war against terror was not squandered in Balochistan to commit more human rights violations.


Iran's Minorities Forgotten Victims As Government Repression Intensifies New Briefing, Mrg

Sistan-Baluchistan, home to the mostly Sunni Baluchi people, is reportedly the poorest of Iran's provinces with Baluchs facing social, economic and political marginalisation. At the end of 2010, 11 Baluch prisoners were executed for alleged membership of the armed group Jondallah.


Iran Executes Someone Every Nine Hours

Iran has now executed 64 people is just the past twenty-four days, or on average one person every nine hours.


The Obama Administration Cancers: Rights Groups Tie Pakistan To Militants' Disappearances, By Eric Schmitt

The issue came up in a State Department report to Congress last month that urged Pakistan to address this and other human rights abuses. It threatens to become the latest source of friction in the often tense relationship between the wartime allies.


U.S. Worried By Reports Of Pakistan Detentions

Times said the Obama administration was alarmed by reports that separatists, mostly from Pakistan's Baluchistan province, had been detained over the past decade and were being held incommunicado.


Amnesty International: 11 Hanged In Iran Following Suicide Bomb Attack

Amnesty International condemned the execution of 11 men on Monday morning in Iran accused of links to the bomb attack in Chabahar that killed more than 39 people last week, many of them worshippers at a mosque.


Amnesty International Condemns Execution Of 11 People In Iran

Amnesty International condemned the execution of 11 men this morning in Iran accused of links to the bomb attack in Chabahar that killed more than 39 people last week, many of them worshippers at a mosque, the organization reported.


11 Militants Hanged In Iran

Eleven members of the Sunni Muslim militant group Jundollah were hanged Monday in Iran's southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan, the Khabar news network reported.


Iran Cracks Down On Sunni Clerics By Amineh Soghdi

Maulana Abdulhamid said he was under pressure for past criticisms of the Iranian government, in particular over a plan to reform Sunni schools.


Extrajudicial Killings Rapidly Increase In Balochistan , A Statement By The Asian Human Rights Commission

In recent weeks in Balochistan the mutilated bodies of 25 persons, who had earlier been abducted by persons in plain clothes, have been found.


Five More Decomposed Bodies Found From Pishin

QUETTA: A new chapter in the killing of "missing persons" unfolded other day after five more decomposed bodies of unidentified persons were found in a deserted place between the settlements of Bostan and Yaru in Pishin District on Tuesday.


Iran: Human Rights Crisis Requires International Scrutiny

They have also arrested members of Iran's ethnic minorities who have advocated for greater respect of their rights, against a backdrop of violent attacks mainly in predominantly Baluch and Kurdish areas.


Pakistan Urged To Investigate Murder And Torture Of Baloch Activists

The Pakistani government must investigate the torture and killings of more than 40 Baloch leaders and political activists over the past four months, Amnesty International said today.


15 Years Old Innocent Baluch, Hostage Of Iranian Intelligence Agencies

After passing one year of Mohammad Saber Malikraisi's illigal detention, it is now 4 months that there is no news about his fate.


Three Baluch Citizens In Danger Of Execution

The Baluchestan Human Rights Activists Association has reported that 3 Baluch residents by the names of Naser Shahbakhsh, Lael Mohammad Shahbakhsh and Khaled Shahbakhsh are in danger of execution.


148 Balochistan Women, 168 Kids Disappeared By Force, U.N. Told By Ahmar Mustikhan

"Of particular note is the disappearance of over 168 children and 148 women, according to the non-profit Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (V.B.M.P.),"


Iran Says Pakistan Is Harboring Rebels By The New York Times

Chief Ahmadreza Radan also said the authorities had detained 40 people who were seeking to create a disturbance in the city after the bombings, the semiofficial ILNA news agency reported.


Police Hold 40 Over Mosque Attacks

Police in Iran have arrested 40 suspects after the devastating twin bombings of a mosque in the south-eastern city of Zahedan, according to an Iranian news agency.


Speech Of Abdullah Mohtadi In The Conference On Democratic Movement Pitfalls And Potential, Rome, 29/06/2010

The idea of a non-centralist federal structure and puting an end to


Amnesty International Asserts Concern Over Imminent Executions In Iran; Calls For Immediate Commutation Of All Death Sentences

Other prisoners under sentence of death include two members of the predominantly Sunni Muslim Baluch minority in Sistan-Baluchistan province. On May 31, 2010, the Zahedan prosecutor said they had been sentenced to death for their alleged involvement in clashes between Sunni and Shi'a Muslims which led to the deaths of six individuals.


Appeal: Put Pressure On The Iranian Regime To Stop Execution Of Baloch Political Prisoner, Balochistan People's Party

Recently the judiciary authorities announced that they will also try 10 more members of Jondullah, without revealing their names.


Iran Arrests 13 Terrorist Group Members

Many Sunnis live in southeastern Iran, which has seen an increase in bombings and clashes between security forces, ethnic Baluch Sunni insurgents


Missing Persons Dawn Edtorial

The families of many of the disappeared allege that they are in the illegal custody of the intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, having been picked up on suspicion of terrorism or as prey for political victimisation.


Face To Face

The entire world is open to us, why should we confine ourselves to this country”


Four Prisoners Hanged In Kerman, Behbahan And Shadgan

The men named Feizollah and Nazar belonged to Barahouiee tribe and were from Zahedan, the provincial capital of Sistan and Baluchistan.


Two Baloch Political Activists Tortured To Death By Iranian Security Forces

April 10, 2010 Zahidan: according to Harana News Sher Mohammad son of Mirza Shah Bux Baloch have been killed in a Zahidan prison.


Iran Executions Send A Chilling Message, Amnesty International

Baluch areas of Sistan-Baluchistan province in recent years were followed by a wave of often public executions. Some of the condemned men were shown on state television making "confessions" that are believed to have been extracted from them under torture or other duress.


Human Rights In Iran Video Report Rozhn Tv

human rightsabuses and human rights violations.


Protestors Demand Recovery Of Baloch Missing Persons

The protestors were carrying placards inscribed with slogans demanding the immediate recovery of missing Baloch political workers.


The Balochistan Truth Sanaullah Baloch

The state of women's rights in the province presents an extremely grim picture, where the maternal mortality ratio in rural Balochistan is 750 compared with the national average of 270 deaths per every 100,000 live births.


Iran Will Execute Malik Regi, Un Should Intervene To Save Him: Baloch Bar

Quetta: Central spokesman of Baloch Bar association has said Baloch rebel leader Malik Regi's life was in danger in Iran's custody; the UN should play their role to save his life. They said Iran has already executed several Baloch activists including Ghulam Hyder Raisani, Hameed Regi and Yaqoob Mehrnihad and they feared that Abdul Malik Regi will also be executed if the UN did not intervene.


Unpo Denounces Human Rights Violations In Balochistan, Pakistan

Marino Busdachin, General Secretary of UNPO, has criticised the heavy handed tactics of oppression employed against the Baloch people at an international conference currently taking place in Bangkok, Thailand.


Mystery Of Balochistan Disappearances By M Ilyas Khan Bbc News, Quetta

New Kayhan is believed to be a major base for the rebels. The village has borne the brunt of the government's retaliatory action in the shape of raids, arrests and "forced disappearances" - alleged undeclared arrests by the intelligence services that cannot be traced by courts and are not acknowledged by the government.


Baloch Human Right Council Of [Canada] Letter To Mr Ban Ki Moon The Secretary General Of The Un

Subject: Brutal method of torture of Baloch Political workers by Pakistani Army


More Than 168 Children Have Disappeared From Balochistan: Ahrc

among the lists of disappeared persons from Balochistan province are the names of 168 children and 148 women.


Pakistan: The Plight Of Disappeared In Balochistan, Press Release: Asian Human Rights Commission

the cases of missing persons began in Balochistan even before 9/11 because the government wanted to establish some cantonments in resource rich parts of Balochistan which the Baloch nationalists resisted. Under the disguise of war against terror, the government of Pervez Musharraf continued to whisk away people and put them into unknown torture cells. Sadly, these unlawful actions of General Musharraf regime were backed by some powerful countries of the world.


Iran Unrest ‘full Blown Rights Crisis' Human Rights Watch

13 members of Jondollah, an armed opposition group operating in Sistan and Baluchistan province.


The Mess Over The Missing In Balochistan

AP CONTINUING GRIEF: The issue of the missing persons is now seen as one of the biggest hurdles in the way of efforts by the PPP-led government for reconciliation with Balochistan.


Raisani: ‘missing Persons Issue Biggest Hurdle To Peace In Balochistan'

Balochistan CM Sardar Raisani said. "999 persons hailing from Balochistan are missing to date, while only four have been recovered,"


Missing Persons' Case: ‘country's System In Jeopardy'

"What kind of democracy is this where the fundamental rights of the people cannot not be ensured?" Justice Javed Iqbal observed


Families Demand Release Of Missing Baloch By Malik Siraj Akbar

VMP says govt has broken promises, forced disappearances continuing in Balochistan


Pakistan Arrests Three Suspects In Iranian Bombing

Pakistani security forces on Thursday arrested three Iranians suspected of planning a suicide attack in Iran's southeastern region last month which killed 42 people, officials said.


Sunni Militant 'Executed By Iran'

Officials named the man as Abdolhamid Rigi, but said he was not the brother of Jundullah's leader, who has the same name, the semi-official agency said.


British Nuclear Expert Avlider Inom 40 Meter Doppa

Polisen utreder efter en brittisk kärnkraft expert deltar i förhandlingarna med Iran över sitt kärnvapenprogram föll 40 meter till sin död från en FN-huset i Wien


Iran Human Rights Remain A Concern

In testimony before Congress, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg said the possibility of Iran's developing a nuclear weapon endangers international security in multiple ways:


Iran Warns India On Gas Pipeline

Iran's ambassador in India says Delhi must decide soon on a multi-billion dollar gas pipeline deal or else they will talk to other countries.


Appeal: Urge The Iranian Government To Release Baloch Teachers By Balochistan Peoples Party

Twenty two Baloch teachers have been arrested in the Balochistan cities Sarawan and Zahidan, Iran. After their arrest on 11th and 12th August 2009, the teachers were transferred to unknown locations. Since then their families have been denied any information about the detainees. Furthermore, the families have been harrassed, threatened to be detained and asked to keep silent about the arrest of their loved ones.


Pm: Interpellation To Minister By Bodil Ceballos (Mp) Swedish

Over the past year, 10 baloch European opponents of the regime handed over to Iran. 4 of them were hanged recently in a prison in Zahedan. For one week ago, was arrested a Norwegian human rights activist (Norwegian citizen) during a visit with relatives in Pakistan. Pakistan and Iran have an extradition agreement and the family now fears that he be extradited.


Iran Arrests Four Members Of Sunni Rebel Group

Washington, 12 August (WashingtonTV)-Iran said on Wednesday that it had arrested four members of a Sunni rebel group in the southeastern city of Zahedan.


Norwegian Kidnapped From Coastal Highway By Shafi Baloch Just Now

KARACHI - A Norway national went missing when he was on way to Karachi from Balochistan on August 7. Norway Foreign Ministry said that it had taken strict notice of the matter and it will soon contact the Government of Pakistan, The Nation has learnt on Sunday.


Iran Hangs 24 Drug Traffickers 'In Mass Execution'

In July last year, Iran hanged 29 people who had been convicted of various crimes, including murder, rape and drug trafficking. It was the largest mass execution in recent years.


Iran's Presidential Election Amid Unrest And Ongoing Human Rights Violations

Less than 48 hours after the bombing, three men were hanged in public near the site of the attack amid claims that they were responsible. Later comments clarified that the three men had been in detention at the time of the bombing, but that they had "confessed" to providing the explosives used in the bombing. Further unrest broke out afterwards with up to ten people killed, and dozens arrested.


Akhtar Mengal Calls For Baloch Unity

He said the BNP-M and other Baloch groups had the same objective and they must overcome their differences and adopt a strategy for unified struggle.


Peres: Israel Supports Two State Solution,

One official said the White House believes a two-state solution can minimize the influence of Hamas and Hezbollah in Gaza and Lebanon, in turn depriving Iran of influence in and around Israel.


سنگساری که پنهان شد

روزآنلاين، نادر کرمي : اخبار حکايت از آن دارد که در سکوت و بي خبري کامل رسانه‌ها،حکم سنگسار يک شهروند در اسفند ماه سال ‏گذشته در رشت‌ اجرا شده است


سپاه با تمام وجود به بلوچستان مظلوم حمله خواهد کرد

محمد جعفر اسدی فرمانده نیروی زمینی سپاه پاسداران بدون اشاره به ناتوانی نیروهای انتظامی زابلی که با وجود هزینه های سر سام آور جمهوری اسلامی هنوز نتوانسته اند امنیت نیروها و در کل امنیت منافع جمهوری اسلامی را در بلوچستان تامین کنند، گفته است به دلیل وجود برخی مسائل سپاه پاسداران انقلاب مسئولیت مقابله با گروههای مسلح بلوچ که عمدتا در بلوچستان فعالیت می کنند را بر عهده گرفته است.


اعدام دو جوان در شیراز و اصفهان

دستگاه قضايی جمهوری اسلامی يک جوان را در زندان عادل آباد شيراز به دار آويخت. وى امير نام داشت و 24 ساله بود.


رکسانا صابری به تحمل هشت سال زندان محکوم شد

رکسانا صابری، خبرنگار ایرانی - آمریکایی که در ایران به اتهام جاسوسی برای آمریکا محاکمه شد، به تحمل هشت سال زندان محکوم شده است.


دستگيري ده ها نفر ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عناوين مختلف

به گزارش ارسالي روز يکشنبه پايگاه اطلاع رساني پليس استان به ايرنا،فرمانده انتظامي سراوان اعلام کرد: در راستاي تشديد برخورد باقاچاقچيان فرآورده هاي نفتي، ماموران انتظامي اين شهرستان از خروج 10هزار و 990 ليتر مواد سوختي از کشور جلوگيري کردند.


اجراي حكم شلاق در ملا عام در سيستان و بلوجستان

اجراي حكم شلاق در ملا عام در سيستان و بلوجستان


اعدام سه نفر در شیراز به اتهام محاربه

اعدام سه نفر در شیراز به اتهام محاربه


شهید اسماعیل قنبرزهی یونس جان

شهید اسماعیل قنبرزهی - یونس جان


اعدام دو روحانی اهل سنت در زاهدان

اعدام دو روحانی اهل سنت در زاهدان


شکنجه شدید رامین صادقی، از فعالان آذربایجانی در بازداشتگاه

شکنجه شدید رامین صادقی، از فعالان آذربایجانی در بازداشتگاه


اعدام یک جوان در زندان مرکزی سنندج

اعدام یک جوان در زندان مرکزی سنندج


هر روز یک نفر در ایران اعدام شده است

عفو بین‌الملل در گزارش سالانه‌ی خود اعلام کرد ایران در سال ۲۰۰۸ رتبه‌ی دوم اعدام در جهان را به خود اختصاص داده است. عبدالکریم لاهیجی، حقوقدان، می‌گوید با توجه به درصد جمعیتی ایران باید گفت ایران مقام اول اعدام را داراست.


سالنامه اسامی زندانیان سیاسی ایران ویژه سال 1387

اين سالنامه در بردارنده اسامی و مشخصات 528 زندانی سیاسی و مدنی در سراسر ایران می باشد


2 دانشجوی دانشگاه سیستان و بلوچستان آزاد شدند

خبرنامه امیرکبیر: علی باقری و کامران جلیل، ۲ دانشجوی دانشگاه سیستان و بلوچستان که روز چهارشنبه گذشته بازداشت شده بودند، آزاد شدند.


دستگيري32 نفر ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عنوان قاچاقچيان کالاهاي قاچاق و مواد سوختي

دستگيري32 نفر ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عنوان قاچاقچيان کالاهاي قاچاق و مواد سوختي


اعدام شش نفر در زاهدان، اصفهان و ارومیه

رژیم جنایت پیشه جمهوری اسلامی شش تن دیگر را در شهرهای زاهدان، اصفهان و ارومیه اعدام کرد.


دستگيري 51 بلوچ تحت عناوين مختلف

دستگيري 51 بلوچ تحت عناوين مختلف


اعدام ۴ نفر به اتهام محاربه در زاهدان

اعدام ۴ نفر به اتهام محاربه در زاهدان


اجرای مخفیانه حکم سنگسار در رشت

خبرنامه امیرکبیر: سحرگاه پنجشنبه پانزده اسفند ۱۳۸۷ طی اقدامی بی سابقه در گیلان مردی ۳۰ ساله به جرم زنای محصنه سنگسار شد.


قطع دست و پای 4 نفر در کرمانشاه

آژانس ایران خبر





صدور حکم اعدام برای ۲۸ عضو جند‌الله

میللی حرکت سه شنبه ۱۳ اسفند ۱۳۸۷


قتل چهار تن دیگر از جوانان بلوچ توسط نیروهای انتظامی رژیم

قتلهاي دولتي در بلوچستان همچنان ادامه دارد. به گزارش خبرگزاري حکومتی "ايسنا "و به نقل از فرمانده قرارگاه عملیاتی فتح رژيم چهار جوان بلوچ توسط ماموران اين قرارگاه کشته شدند. این چهار نفر هم "اشرار" معرفی شدند


اعدام دو تن از علمای نصیرآباد توسط رژیم فاشیست آخوندی

اعدام دو تن از علمای نصیرآباد توسط رژیم فاشیست آخوندی


اعدام 11 نفر در کرمانشاه

سایت کرمانشاه پست: با اعدام یازده نفر دیگر در روز گذشته (یکشنبه) در کرمانشاه ، آمار اعدام شدگان تنها در سال جاری (در این منطقه) به 35 نفر رسید


اعدام یکی از پیروان آزادیخواه یارسان در ارومیه‌

صبح روز شنبه‌28 فوریه‌ 2009 ،مهدی قاسم زاده، 27 ساله اهل روستای ،اوچ تپه، در شهرمیاندواب که‌ از مهر ماه سال 1383 در زندان ارومیه به سر می برد بدار اویخته‌ شد.


مرگ جوان 17 ساله در شهرستان سرباز

خبرگزاري فارس: جوان 17 ساله با ضربات چاقو از پاي درآمد، دستگيري سارقان مسلح در سراوان و... از عناوين مهم اخبار حوادث استان سيستان و بلوچستان است.


بامداد فردا 16 نفر در زندان اوین اعدام می شوند

فعالان حقوق بشر در ایران


دو جوان چابهاري از درب منزلشان توسط مامورين اطلاعات ربوده شدند

ديده بان حقوق بشر بلوچستان: دو جوان چابهاري از درب منزلشان توسط مامورين اطلاعات ربوده شدند


دستگيري صدها تن ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عناوين مختلف

تهیه و تنظیم از رادیو بلوچ


تایید حکم اعدام حبیب الله لطفی فعال دانشجویی

دادگاه رسیدگی به اتهامات حبیب الله لطیفی به‌ صورت غیر علنی و پس از گذشت ۸ ماه از بازداشت وی، در در دهم تيرماه ۱۳۷۸ در دادگاه انقلاب سنندج برگزار گردید واین دادگاه وی را به اعدام محکوم کرد


5 زندانی صبح امروز در زندان اصفهان اعدام شدند

بنابه گزارشات رسیده از زندان دستگرد اصفهان،7 زندانی که روز یکشنبه 27 بهمن ماه به سلولهای انفرادی جهت اجرای حکم اعدام منتقل شده بودند. صبح امروز 5 نفر از آنها اعدام شدند.


مولانا عبدالعلی خیرشاهی محکوم شد

مولانا عبدالعلی خیرشاهی از علمای سرشناس اهل سنت ایران که بر خلاف دیگر علمای اهل سنت منحصر به منطقه جغرافیایی خود یعنی خراسان نبودندسخنان این عالم برجسته، چنان دلنشین و جذاب بود که باعث شده بود ایشان محبوب همه اهل سنت واقع


دستگیری پورعبدالله و داوودی دو دانشجوی چپ‌ در ایران‌

دو دانشجو از دانشگاه‌های تهران و اصفهان روز پنجشنبه ۲۴ بهمن توسط نیروهای وزارت اطلاعات در خانه‌های خود دستگیر شده‌اند. این دو محمد پورعبدالله و علیرضا داوودی نام دارند و از “دانشجویان آزادی‌خواه و برابری‌طلب” هستند


سوءقصد به جان علمای اهل سنت سیستان وبلوچستان همچنان ادامه دارد

كميته اديان كانون دفاع از حقوق بشر- آلمان


زندانیان سیاسی کرد در بند 6 زندان گوهردشت اعلام اعتصاب غذا نمودند

گزارشات تایید نشده حاکی از آن است که زندانیان سیاسی کرد در سایر بندها و زندانها قصد دارند که در این 2 روز اقدام به اعتصاب غذای گسترده نمایند


صدور حکم اعدام برای متهمان انفجار شیراز

عليرضا جمشيدی، معاون حقوقی و توسعه و سخنگوی قوه قضاييه، روز پنجشنبه در شيراز اعلام کرد: برای سه نفر از عاملان بمب‌گذاری در حسينيه سيدالشهدای اين شهر، وابسته به کانون رهپويان وصال، حکم اعدام صادر شده است.


ابراهيم 16 ساله نوجوان بي گناهي كه بخاطر تلاش براي نجات برادرش روانه زندان شد

عکسي از ابراهيم مهرنهاد بهمراه خبرهاي جديد از وضعيت وي در زندان


کۓ مولوی خيرشاھی چار سال ؤشش ماہ بنديگ وپنـچ سال شھر پہ درواچ

مشھدءآميد گسءمولوی عبدالعلی خيرشاھی بارواں فيصلو کت۔


ياسين ق گزارشگر راديو بلوچي اف ام: عکسي از ابراهيم مهرنهاد بهمراه خبرهاي جديد از وضعيت وي در زندان

ياسين ق گزارشگر "راديو بلوچي اف ام " از زاهدان گزارش ميدهد: مدتي از حبس ابراهيم مهرنهاد برادرنوجوان يعقوب مهرنهاد روزنامه نگار و فعال مدني بلوچ كه به درجه رفيع شهادت نائل شد گذشته است


ديده بان حقوق بشر بلوچستان: حکم اعدام وحبس 22 سال براي تعدادي مدرس ديني در بلوچستان

بنا به گزارش فعالین "ديده بان حقوق بشر بلوچستان" دو تن ( 1- حافظ صلاح الدين گهرامزهي(بهرام زهی) فرزند مولوي عبدالکريم , ساکن بندان 2- مولوي خليل زردکوهي ساکن ايرانشهر) از دستگير شدگان روستاهاي نصیر آباد, رسول آباد و محمد آباد بمپور(1-2) در زاهدان محکوم به اعدام و سه تن ديگر با نامهاي


سوء قصد به جان يکي از اساتيد دارالعلوم زاهدان

این مولوی اهل سنت که توسط فرد مشکوکی مورد حمله قرار گرفت، پس از وارد آمدن ضربات چاقو از سوی فرد ضارب، از ناحیه سر و صورت مجروح شده و به بیمارستان منتقل شد


قتل يک اهل سنت در زاهدان

بيست و يکم بهمن ۱۳۸۷


احکام سنگین زندان ، تبعید و شلاق برای ۲۱ نفر ازکشاورزان سنی مذهب

بنا بر گزارشی که به دست ما رسیده ،برای ۲۵ نفر ازکشاورزان سنی مذهب روستای قیزیل خنیه(خانقاه سرخ) در اورمیه که به خاطر اعتراض به تغییر مسیر آبهای زیرزمینی در این روستا بازداشت شده بودند حکم صادر شد.


دستگيري 7 نفر ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عناوين مختلف

دستگيري 7 نفر ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عناوين مختلف


اعدام یک جوان 28 ساله در سنندج

چهارم فوريه ۲۰۰۹


ويدئو از يکي ديگر از جنايات "گروه مرصاد" رژيم در بلوچستان

چهارشنبه، 2 بهمن ماه 1387 برابر با 2009-01-21


یک فعال سیاسی زن در کردستان به‌ اعدام محکوم شد

دانشجویان مدافع حقوق بشر کردستان


Six Baha'is Arrested In Iran;

Among those arrested was Jinous Sobhani, who worked as an assistant for the Organization for Defending Mine Victims and also for the Defenders of Human Rights Center. Both were founded by Mrs. Ebadi.


دستگيري صدها تن ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عناوين مختلف

فرمانده قرارگاه عملیاتی فتح و انتظامی استان سیستان و بلوچستان از کشف


فیلم تنبيه و تحقير دانش آموزان بلوچ در قلب بلوچستان

آژانس ايران خبر: علي رغم منع قانوني تنبيه دانش آموزان به دليل آثار سو اين ناهنجاري اجتماعي ،تنبيه دانش اموزان بلوچ که از هر گونه امکانات رفاهي، بهداشتي و معيشتي محرومند


اتحاديه اروپا اجراى سنگسار در ايران را شديدا محكوم كرد

بيانيه اتحاديه اروپا مى گويد: «ما از ايران مى خواهيم كه مجازات غير انسانى و ظالمانه سنگسار را از قوانين خود حذف كند


قتل دو بلوچ توسط نيروههاي انتظامي و زدن مارک قاچاقچی به آنان

مأموران انتظامي سيستان و بلوچستان نيز روز گذشته، 150 نفر از اتباع بيگانه افغاني را که غيرمجاز از مرزها وارد کشور شدند، شناسايي و دستگير کردند


یک جوان اهل سلیمانیه کردستان عراق بنام «سرور عمرفرج» که از 2 سال پیش متهم به قتل شده است، هم اکنون با خطر اعدام روبرو گردیده است .

یک جوان 27 ساله اهل شهر سلیمانیه کردستان عراق بنام «سرور» فرزند عمرفرج به اتهام قتل یک جوان کرد عراقی دیگر در 8 سال پیش، از اواخر سال 2006 دستگیر و در تهران زندانی گردیده که به دلیل عدم حضور اولیاء دم فرد مقتول اخیراً از سوی دادستانی تهران برای نامبرده تقاضای قصاص «حکم اعدام» شده است


جلال شیرانی فرزند اکبرخان شیرانی که در زندان رژیم آخوندی در سوم ژانویه اعدام شد. تنها جرم او بلوچ بودن، و همکاری نکردن با رژیم ایران بود

جلال شیرانی فرزند اکبرخان شیرانی که در زندان رژیم آخوندی در سوم ژانویه اعدام شد. تنها جرم او بلوچ بودن، و همکاری نکردن با رژیم ایران بود


یعقوب جت،تو یعقوب کشتو تو مھرءِ نھال سر سست

گون کجا پادان تو إدا آتکئےگون وتی خونیین دپا گشت إتملک منی إنت،شھر منی إنت؛مهرءِ دیارءِ ھر درچک و دار منی إنت؟!~

دستگيري 165نفر ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عناوين مختلف

دستگيري 165نفر ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عناوين مختلف

دستگيري 165نفر ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عناوين مختلف


قدیم به یعقوب مهر نهاد. دادخواهی از سلاله ی نیک و ستم ستیزی از

از مهر سرشته شد نهادت، تا سختی روزگار بینی

دستگيري 10 نفر ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عناوين مختلف

دستگيري 10 نفر ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عناوين مختلف

دستگيري 10 نفر ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عناوين مختلف


سحرگاه امروز 9 نفر در اوین اعدام شدند

به گزارش خبرگزاری حکومتی فارس، سحرگاه امروز 9 نفر در زندان اوین اعدام شدند

نيروهاي انتظامي رژيم یک نفر را به اسم "شرور مسلح" در بلوچستان  بقتل رساندند

نيروهاي انتظامي رژيم یک نفر را به اسم "شرور مسلح" در بلوچستان بقتل رساندند

نيروهاي انتظامي رژيم یک نفر را به اسم "شرور مسلح" در بلوچستان بقتل رساندند

دستگيري 87 نفر ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عناوين

دستگيري 87 نفر ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عناوين مختلف

دستگيري 87 نفر ديگر در بلوچستان تحت عناوين مختلف


The Baloch And The State: Conflict Of Perceptions

"The Pakistan Army started military operations in Balochistan in 2001 to construct the cantonments and to have full control over the seaport of Gwader and routes connecting the Central Asian countries with those in South Asia. During this time, the clampdown in Balochistan has become serious. According to a January 2006 statement by Senator Sanaullah Baloch, at least 180 people have died in bombings, 122 children have been killed by paramilitary troops and hundreds of people have been arrested since the beginning of the campaign in early 2005.


A List Of Some Of The Arrested Baloch In Iran (Between 2006 2008)

Attention: This list has send by "Balochistan Human Rights Watch" to Amnesty International , Human rights organisations , UN and....


گزارش يک ساله نقض حقوق بشر در ايران

گزارش يک ساله نقض حقوق بشر در ايران


دستگیری مردم بیگناه بلوچ با برچسب افغانی

گزارش خبرنگار خبرگزاری بلوچ نیوز

اعدام دو نفر دیگر در زاهدان

اعدام دو نفر دیگر در زاهدان

دستگاه قضایی رژیم حکم اعدام 2 نفر "ح.ف" و "ا.ن" را امروز در محوطه زندان زاهدان اجرا کرد


Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation (Imhro)

Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO

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