Balochistan: Frontier Corps Burned Civilian Homes And Abducted Youth

The Frontier Corps has targeted a number of Baloch civilians throughout the Mand Bullo area of Balochistan on 1 Aug 2014.

 These attacks consisted of raiding the houses of non-combatants, harassing the civilian population and setting civilian houses on fire. Several individuals have been extra-judicially arrested and two Baloch youths have been abducted, their locations remain unknown.

Below is an article published by the Balochwarna:

Pakistan security forces launched an offensive operation in Mand Bullo area of Balochistan Yesterday [1 August 2014] after a remote controlled attack on an FC convoy.

According to details a Convoy of FC was passing in the area when they came under attack. At least one vehicle of the convoy has reportedly been damaged.

The FC, in retaliation, has launched an operation in the entire area and raided the houses of non-combats.

Local people reported that women and children were harassed during the raids and several houses have been set on fire.

Several people have reportedly been arrested by FC and shifted to unknown locations.

Abductions: Two Baloch youth have been abducted from Park Hotel Turbat Balochistan whose whereabouts remained unknown until the filing of this reports.

Another two youth were abducted near Kalat when they were going to a picnic to celebrate Eid on Tuesday [29 July 2014].

According to sources Mujeeb-ul-Rehman along with of his six friends was going for picnic when they were intercepted by unknown armed men. All the youth have been detained and beaten on spot.

However, the others were let go later but Majeed and one of his friend have been taken away, their whereabouts remains unknown.

Sources reported that unknown assailant came on motorbikes and opened indiscriminate firing at the construction site where labourers were building additional rooms of Sri Kehn Girls School.

No one was hurt in the attack but the labourers have left the work incomplete and fled from the site fearing for their

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