Balochistan: Iranian Occupying Forces Have Fired Mortars In Chaghi & Zamuran

Occupied Balochistan,CHAGHI: Iranian occupying forces have fired 12 mortars into Chaghi district of Eastern Balochistan on Sunday night. According to the local sources, at least 12 mortars were fired from Iranian side at the artificial border area of Chaghi last night. However, there were no casualties reported.


It’s the second attack by the Iranian occupying forces on Eastern Balochistan within a week.

On Tuesday 20th November, Iranian forces had fired 5 rockets on Zamuran area of district Turbat in Balochistan.

It’s pertinent to mention here that, on August 2009, Iranian forces had fired over 50 rockets into the bordering town of Mashkail which killed three women and injured two other innocent civilians.

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