Balochistan Is Our Identity; We Will Not Allow Its Division: Mawlana Abdolhamid Baloch

The Imam of Zahedan central Masjid, Mawlana Abdolhamid Baloch said on Friday, that plan were being hatched to divide Iranian occupied Balochistan in three parts and word ‘BALOCHISTAN’ will not be included.

Sources reported that Iran will divide Western Balochistan in three parts and name them as Sistan, Makuran and Walayat while completely removing the word ‘BALOCHISTAN’. Mr Abdolhamid said the new revelation has created a wave of concern among Baloch scholars, academics, tribal notables, students and people from all spheres of life

He said, “Balochistan is our national identity and it is an eternal part of history. Even word ‘SISTAN’ was added to it later. If anyone is planning to remove word ‘BALOCHSITAN’ he will be regarded as our national enemy.”

He further said even if the division of Balochistan was necessary then Khurasan is a good example – it was divided in three parts but the word ‘KHURASAN’ was preserved. He urged the interior ministry and the governor house act wisely.

“Some people want to weaken our national and cultural identity. Balochistan must be preserved at all costs because not a single person in Baloch society will tolerate it if the name of Balochistan is removed. The nation will not accept the division. Balochistan is being divided to serve the vested interests of some groups,” Said Mawlana Abdolhamid in his Friday sermon.

He also urged the elected representatives to investigate this issue and do not keep silence; otherwise the nation will not forgive them and added that, “Any decision about Balochistan should be taken with consent and agreement of the people of Balochistan. We hope the interior ministry and the government do not want the anger and wrath of the nation.”

He expressed his concerns over the recent violent attacks on scholars and minority groups in Pakistan and said that Pakistani government need to work hard to find a peaceful solution to this on-going crisis.

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