Baluch Community In Germany To Protest On 24 March

Germany: The Baluch Verein Deutschland has announced to stage a protest demonstration in Koln city of Germany at 3 PM on Sunday 24, March.

According the BGC’s press release the protest was being held against the occupation of Baluchistan, 27 March 1948. Baluch and other human rights activists residing in Germany will take part in the protest demonstration.

The statement further read, “The aim of the protest is urge Germany, European Union and the United Nations to stop supporting Pakistan. Pakistan has occupied the sovereign state of Baluchistan on 27 March 1948 at gunpoint and it has been carrying out military offensives and atrocities against Baluch people since then. Thousands of Baluch have been killed, disappeared and expelled from their homes due Pakistani military operations.”

The Baluch Community Germany further said at present more than 15,000 Baluch were being detained by Pakistan, and more than 700 among them have been killed under-custody and their mutilated bodies were thrown in different areas of Baluchistan.

“The protesters will appeal to the UN and the rest of the civilised world to support the Baluch people’s struggle for national liberation which in accordance with the UN charter. The protesters will also appeal to the world powers to play their role for the safe and immediate release of thousands of abducted Baluch activists

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