Baluch Political Prisoner Slain Under Brutal Torture

Prior to this, his brother, Ali Narouei, was killed by Ministry of Intelligence officials for his political activities.

Iran: Appalling human rights violations continues

Baluch Political Prisoner Slain Under Brutal Torture

On Wednesday, June 25th, Baluch political prisoner Hamzeh Narouei, 23, was killed under brutal torture. Narouei was arrested 7 months ago in the city of Zahedan for his political activities. He spent over 4 months in solitary confinement in the quarantine section in central prison of Zahedan, incommunicado and in medieval conditions.

When a group of judiciary officials visited the ward in which Narouei was held, this martyr of freedom protested against the inhumane conditions. Sargol Zay, deputy prosecutor of Sistan and Baluchistan province, punished him with an order of torture. While being tortured, he was killed by the interrogators of the intelligence ministry.

Prior to this, his brother, Ali Narouei, was killed by Ministry of Intelligence officials for his political activities.

Six Political Prisoners on Hunger Strikes in Danger

Six political prisoners, Reza Shahabi, Dr. Latif Hassani, HamedAhmadi, Kamal Molaei, Jahangir Dehghani and Jamshid Dejghani, held in Ghezel-Hesar and Rajaei-Shahr prisons are on hunger strikes.

Other political prisoners including Mohammad Amir-Khizi, Reza Akbari Monfared, Khaled Hardani, Afshin Heyratian, Shahrokh Zamani, Ali Salan-Pour, Reza Shahabi, Asghar Ghatan, Saleh Kohandel, and Mohammad Ali Mansouri issued a statement expressing their support for the 6 political prisoners on hunger strike. In addition, a large number of political prisoners and their families who are under pressure and extortion and forcible relocation by the regime expressed their support.

Some of the problems of these prisoners include:

1) Drugs and the risk of addiction.

2) Risks of psychological insecurity arising from the presence of political prisoners in non-political wards.

3) Poor sanitary conditions and diseases in non-political wards, such as HIV, hepatitis, etc.

4) Likelihood of disrespect and physical clashes between the non-political prisoners in the wards and in meeting halls.

Therefore, we, the signatories of this statement condemn the regime’s actions and call on the international community and human rights organizations and the noble nation of Iran to compel the regime to implement a separation of prisoners and abolish the exile of political prisoners.

85-year-old Lawyer Hassan Tafah Dies Slow and Painful Death of Leukemia in Rajaei-Shahr Prison

Despite concerns from the Rajaei-Shahr prison infirmary regarding the deteriorating physical condition of 85-year-old lawyer and prisoner Hassan Tafah, who has leukemia, prison officials continue to deny his release from the prison.

Tafah was arrested in 2008 by the regime’s security forces and transferred to ward 209 of the Evin prison. He was accused of “Moharebeh (enmity against God), acting against national security, and propaganda against the system.

He was first charged in Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court, resided by Judge Salavati, but later the appeals court dropped the charge of “Moharebeh”. He was finally sentenced to 15 years imprisonment on the other two charges and transferred to Evin prison, and then exiled to Rajaei-Shar prison near Karaj.

Tafah was among the Iranian immigrants in Iraq but returned to Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. He was born in Iraq and studied and practiced law there. He is a member of the federation of Iraqi lawyers and the international federation of lawyers.


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