Bhro Released A Quarterly Report On Human Rights And State Terrorism In Balochistan

Baloch Human Rights organization released a quarterly report on State terrorism and Human rights violation in Balochistan. The report comprises the events from January to April 2013 and listed names of those Balochs who were enforcely abducted and those who were extrajudicial killed.

In a released statement by BHRO it was said that the events of Human rights violation and state terrorism in Balochistan by the end of 1st quarter of 2013 shows a alarming condition in allover Balochistan . Human rights violation, state terrorism which includes mostly killings, operations, enforced abductions, mutilated bodies increased through the period.

the report summaries as:

From January to April 2013 following statistics are reported.

244 Baloch were enforce abducted.
60 Baloch were extrajudicial killed.

Among the Baloch killed 26 were killed in operations and 34 were killed after enforce abduction. During 4 month period 11 Baloch were released and 199 were abducted during the specified period and were missing till the end of April 2013.

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