Dialogues To End Baloch Insurgency: Malik Bari Baloch

the CM said. He negated MPA Hamal Kalmati and presented the official figures that only 22 mutilated bodies are recovered from January until now.

Dialogues to END Baloch insurgency: Malik

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QUETTA – Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch has termed the Balochistan crisis as a political and economic issue.
Speaking in the Balochistan Assembly session Wednesday, he said that before resolving the issue, its background has to be understood. He said a joint strategy has to be devised to resolve the menace of extremism and other issues the province is engulfed in.
He was of the view that the law and order issue is multi-dimensional and its first dimension is the Baloch insurgency, adding that the people called the disgruntled are actually not annoyed rather it is a mind-set that prevails in the entire world. “The second issue is of terrorism and this too is not limited to our province or country, but is an international problem and these people are also divided into two schools of thoughts,” he added.
The CM said that third issue is the absence of good governance during the past ten years and government’s patronage to the groups that hijacked the society. “Such powerful groups even remained involved in the acts of kidnapping for ransom,” the CM said adding, “We have to analyse and find out a remedy to all the issues.”
He said that as far as Baloch insurgency is concerned, the rulers have always had a particular thought towards it that they adopted Tamil strategy as of killing Tamil prevailed in Sri Lanka, adding whereas on the other hand the England’s thinking prevailed where Irish people are waging struggle and don’t accept sovereignty of the England but the UK had adopted the way of negotiations there. “The England’s modal should be adopted in Balochistan,” he said and reminded the House that this was the fifth insurgency in the province and all the previous ones had been calmed down on the negotiation table and the rulers had conducted dialogues with Baloch stalwarts. “This time too the Baloch insurgency has to be resolved through negotiations,” Dr Baloch emphasised. He said that prior to the negotiations, an environment has to be created for it and the first step in this direction is to put an end to the incidents of mutilated dead bodies and resolve the issue of missing persons.
“We would form a parliamentary committee for the purpose which would include political leaders and social and tribal elites of the province,” the CM said. He, however, negated the figures regarding the recovery of dead bodies presented by the opposition leader and MPA Hamal Kalmati of 500 and 300 dead bodies respectively and presented the official figures that only 22 mutilated bodies are recovered from January until now.
He said the province was passing through a critical juncture and it is the time to tell the people that killing of innocent people in Bolan and Pasni is too unjustifiable, adding, “We have to use our strength for each other.”
He said the biggest achievement of this government is the rehabilitation of the displaced persons. He said during the past few years, people from ten Baloch districts migrated and only in 2012, 17,000 children have quitted education and the growers whose fruits gardens would bring Rs6 million profit, are getting electricity only for one hour. “Nothing is going to improve through mere making announcements,” he said adding, “We have to provide facilities to the masses and resolve their issues on priority basis.”
He said the people had grievances against Islamabad and, “We should raise voice if Islamabad exploits us but when doctors and teachers do not perform their duties, it is our responsibility to mend their ways.” He said as far as the issue of sectarianism is concerned, he has consulted the scholars of both schools of thoughts and work is underway on the issue. He said, “We would bring the scholars of both sides on table and if they can reach a consensus in Punjab, they can do the same here in Balochistan.”
He said, “It seems the entire amount we got in the NFC has to be spent on the remunerations. We have to see both the Baloch insurgency and sectarianism. We’ll talk to the federal government that the people who have been granted permits in Balochistan are killing the masses which must come to an immediate end.” He said the numbers of no-go areas are constantly increasing in the Baloch-dominated areas, adding that to end the tribal conflicts in Baloch and Pashtoon societies, the government would adopt Islamic tradition of Mehr (Jirga).
“The former IG Police told me that during the last regime, 72 gangs involved in kidnapping for ransom and other crimes were working in Balochistan,” Dr Malik Baloch said adding that various reforms have been introduced in Police Department.
He said the process of police trainings has also been initiated and Levis would also be modernised.

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