Eastern Balochistan: Iranian Security Forces Kill A Baloch Man And Critically Injured A Teenage Boy

Occupied Balochistan: Agents of Iranian security forces shot dead a Baloch youth resident of district Kech area of Balochistan on 11 January after he resisted his abduction.

Tanvir Ahmad Baloch, who worked in an oil deposit, was first abducted by the agents of Iranian security forces. They told him that they would sell him petrol at cheap price but when Mr Baloch set in their car, they drove toward Iran.

Tanvir was shot and critically injured after he resisted his abduction. He was handed over to Iranian forces in critically wounded but due to lack of medical care he succumbed to his injuries on the way to Zahidan, the capital city of Iranian occupied Balochistan. The Iranian forces kept his body in their custody for over a week claiming that he was one of the master minds in Chahbahar bomb attack.

However, the family of Tanvir Baloch have succeeded to prove he had nothing to do with Iran’s political issue. He was a poor Baloch working as a clerk at an oil deposit in Zamuran area of Balochistan. His body has been handed over to his family on 22 January.

Separately, a 16 years old Resident of Kros Thang area of Gwadar district, Nasrat son of Habib Omer, has been critically injured by Iranian border forces while crossing border. He was captured and kept in detention, in injured condition, without medical aid for hours.

According to report, after 16 hours of detention the Iranian forces returned injured person to his relatives in Guldan, bording area on the Iranian side of occupied Balochistan.

The relatives of Nasrat have gone to receive him and immediately admitted him to a hospital for treatment. He has been shot in the head. His condition remains critical.

According to Mr Miroo, a journalist from Eastern occupied Balochistan, such incidents are frequents on the arbitrary border between Eastern and Western occupied Balochistan. Residents of border areas often get killed by security forces of Pakistan and Iran. The border trade is the only sources of their income and to help their families to survive.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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