Faris Baloch, A Student Activist Shot Dead By Pakistani Military Goons

Occupied Balochistan: Systematic genocide of Baloch Nation is escalating by every passing moment. Today another Baloch youth namely Faris Baloch S/O Rafique Baloch has been shot dead by the military goons in Gayaab area of Mand today the 9 December 2012.

Faris Baloch-Rafique Baloch 9-12-2012

According to details Faris Baloch was an active member of Baloch Republican Students Organization. To eliminate Baloch youth, Pakistani military uses well trained squads of sharp shooters. These deadly criminals are given shelters under different names and funded by both public exchequer and the drug smugglers.

Military death squad active in the Mand area is headed by notorious drug tycoon Imam Bheel, one of his sons is the member of Pakistani Parliament too.

Baloch Republican Students Organization have announced rallies and called for the nationwide strike tomorrow. Talking about the incident BRSO spokesman said, if international community does not take the serious notice of Baloch Genocide, and serious steps are not taken to stop it, terrorist state will not spare anyone.

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