Pakistani Forces Killed 8 Unarmed Baloch Civilians Including Women And Children In Dera Bugti

Miss.Shama Bugti (BRP) / the Pakistan military has started a new offensive in Sangsela, Sartaaf, Bando, Jori,Kashi & adjoining areas of Dera Bugti.
Occupied Balochistan:The Pakistani military in a latest brutal operation in adjacent areas of Dera Bugti killed eight Baloch unarmed civilians including women and children and also abducted 12 villagers.The military in a fake encounter killed innocent women & children and labelled them as militants in order to hide their crimes and justify their dirty designs before the world.

Meanwhile Miss.Shama Bugti,the senior member of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) said in a press release, the Pakistan military has started a new offensive in Sangsela, Sartaaf, Bando, Jori,Kashi & adjoining areas of Dera Bugti.
The forces set abalaze the houses of the innocent Bugti tribesmen.The forces opened indiscriminate firing on civilians,3 men and 5 women along with children killed.The forces also abducted 12 people most of them are women and children.
Mr Baghya Bugti is also abducted along with his two children by the forces.Its pertinent to mention here that previously one of Baghya’s son namely Rustam Bugti was burnt alive along with Geo Bugti and Miran Bugti by the Pakistani military in 2008.Pakistani forces are continuously threatening the villagers to migrate from the area otherwise they will face similar fate.
Once before similar kind of military operation was conducted in Sangsela are of Dera Bugti,where forces abducted Merzar Bugti, Wazeer Bugti, Mandi Bugti and Dito bugti along with their children and wives namely Shali Bugti, Losha Bugti, khaira Bibi Bugti.The military used the exactly same words to their family members,’’if you want to see your loved ones alive then you have to migrate from the area’’.The poor villagers left the area in a hope that their loved ones might be set free but the whereabouts of their missing family members are still unknown.

Such brutal military operations are only mean to silence the voices of the local population and pave way for the exploration of Gas and Oil from the area.Pakistani military will go to any extent of Baloch genocide for plundering the natural resources of Balochistan.

We appeal to the International community, United Nation,Human Rights Watch,and all other human right groups to take serious action against the Pakistani state atrocities in Balochistan.

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