Preparation Of Pakistani Spring By Muhammad Shoaib Akif

Punjabi consumes 85% of the total national budget, and contributes merely 15% to the national revenue annually.

Militancy, theoretically, in Pakistan is as old a phenomenon as the Objective Resolution of 1949 passed by Punjabi- Muhajir dominated Constituent Assembly as a preamble of any constitution in Pakistan. It is visible practically, from the murder of a Muhajir, Liaqat Ali Khan, to the murder of a Sindhi, Benazir Bhutto, in Liaqat Bagh, Rawalpindi.

Moreover, creation of One Unit for West Pakistan to deny due share of Bengalis in national wealth owing to their highest contribution in revenue and biggest population ethnically, and shifting of capital of this country from Karachi to Islamabad after the formation of Bangladesh are other undeniable examples how Punjab always wants to become a ‘lion’ with a lion’s share of the national wealth.
How Punjab cannot justify what it takes from the national wealth is due to its contribution to national revenue and its consumption of the national budget.
It consumes 85% of the total national budget, and contributes merely 15% to the national revenue annually. Most of its expenditures are due to its huge man-power in military and central bureaucracy and energy related subsidies due to its huge population. It’s worth mentioning that almost 80% of military and of central bureaucracy is from the area between Multan to Murree. It’s grievous to know a province having biggest population among others and largest number of working and literate people in the country contributing much, much less revenue than the rest of the areas of Pakistan do. It’s one of the major reasons why Punjabis are much more populated and prosperous than rest of the ethnicities in Pakistan.
Imposed war against the USSR, by the USA, and consequent religious terror produced militancy and mafias in Pakistan due to weakening writ of state and unorganized/black economy respectively. Militants and mafias man power is mostly from Punjab. Now, the militancy has gone out of the control of its creator (state) completely, so have the mafias forming cartels.
Such a socio-economic situation had generated ethnic based media as well that has become a cartel itself fueled and funded by other mafias or cartels whenever needed. So, media is now completely militarized or militant one way or the other.
The media has deprived the people of their even minute percentage of rationality by spreading mental chaos among them. It’s not without reason that Musharraf rule brought a proliferation of TV channels and telecommunication also and he once publically said, “Media is fourth pillar of the state besides parliament, executive and judiciary”.
That’s how a particular ethnicity and its institutions have brought us to the brink. We stand ruined as far as intellect, economy and social bonds in a nation are concerned. We are a purposeless crowd, not a nation, because even a crowd has a purpose of being together.
Now, as the ‘international establishment’ Anglo-Saxons (USA,UK,Canada) and Arabs have brought PML-N (Pro Mafia League-Nawaz) to rule in Punjab and in the center and PTI (Pro Taliban Initiative) in KPK, this intervention has divided both military and militants within, in few months. Musharraf’s rule gave sanctuaries to the militant wings of JI, JUI-F and JUI-S and LeT in Peshawar, Quetta and Karachi in his deceptive name of ‘War on Terror’. Musharraf still has a strong support base in civil-military bureaucracy that is involved in commercial activities. And, a big section of them is still with him to Talibanize Rawalpindi (Garrison city) and Lahore (city of Islamic ideology) of Punjab now through their home grown Lashkars, Jaishs and Sipahs. That’s why Saudi Arab sent Musharraf back to Pakistan on its sovereign guarantee well before general election this year.
PTI wants to save its depleting man power in KPK and regain drone-free Pushtoon FATA for Taliban to launch them from there to recapture Kabul after majority of the US and complete NATO troop withdrawal in 2014. Imran Khan knows that the people of the Pushtoon-dominated FATA and Afghanistan do not recognize colonial era Durand Line, so does the Nawaz Sharif.
Moreover, Iranian Baluchs and Pakistani Baluchs also do not recognize the colonial line between Iran and Pakistan and that makes Baluchistan most vulnerable to disintegrate from Pakistan after the KPK. That’s why neither Nawaz Sharif nor will Imran Khan favor any military operation in both the provinces to get them rid of Taliban. But, the government has no other option but to eliminate religious militants from Karakoram to Karachi sooner.
Nawaz Sharif will have to bring about revolutionary changes in the present structure of the establishment, in foreign policies and in internal policies, particularly in the economy. If he fails to get the economy documented through VAT, Pakistanis will be the first to return to nature – to mud houses. And, Nawaz Sharif will have to find a safe sanctuary in ‘holy land’ soon in future forever. Americans, then, just will watch the battle ground in Af-Pak region between regional powers (Russia, China, India and even Iran) and militant Punjabi Pakistan LIVE on CNN seven seas away.
That will be the peak time of Pakistani Spring and another Afghan Spring after more than three decades. Democracy had died the day, in Pakistan, how he was re-selected on 11th May this year, Nawaz Sharif knows this well.

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