Reporting From Pakistan’s Most Isolated Province

Off-limits to foreigners after 60 years of separatist uprisings, Pakistan’s restive province shows the country’s struggles with economic and political pressures. Journalist Willem Marx joins us to discuss his book “Balochistan At A Crossroads.”

Reporting From Pakistan’s Most Isolated Province

Lyrical travel writing and hard-hitting reportage from the remote border region where Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan all meet – one of the last truly unexplored frontiers for Western journalism.

Powerful accompanying photographs showcase this rugged, dangerous but beautiful landscape and the struggles of a poorly understood people – the Baloch – desperate to maintain their own national identity.

A fascinating account of British reporter Willem Marx’s travels in Balochistan; a forbidding, forbidden and largely forgotten province of Pakistan that is currently immersed in civil conflict. The French photojournalist Marc Wattrelot has captured some spectacular images during their time spent in this little-known corner of the world.

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