Supply Of Agricultural, Seafood, Meat And Dairy Products In Baluchistan In 2011

Baluchistan a vast and rich land which is occupied by Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan has the poorest people according to its natural resources. baluch population could be financially self-sufficient and independent if the profiteering of foreign companies in Baluchistan is stopped. More than 200 companies plunder the natural resources in Baluchistan and extract billions of dollars out of their homeland each year.

Baluchistan has the capacity to produce more food than baluch people actually need, but those in power usurp about 70% of the food that is produced in Baluchistan.

We have found and provided detailed information on agricultural, seafood, meat and dairy products from Eastern, Western and Northern Baluchistan for the year 2011.

For example; more than one hundred and eighty thousand tons of dates and more than two hundred thousand tons of wheat from the western Baluchistan are caught annually by Iranian rulers and their associates. These good quality products are transported and supplied to the markets of Persia.

In Eastern Baluchistan also hundreds of thousand tons of food (agricultural, seafood, meat and dairy products) is taken annually by Punjabis and Hindi immigrant ( Mohajer ) and transported out of Baluchistan by force.

First, we present the agricultural products. (Numbers mentioned in the tables, are rounded).

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