Unpo Programme On Self Deter​mination In The 21st Century

Accommodating different nations, ethnic, cultural and religious groups within the same territory is still seen as a democratic challenge for contemporary multicultural states.




In an increasingly interdependent world, due to processes of economic globalisation, a great number of multicultural states are experiencing grass-roots demands for recognition. This has taken the expression of an increased number of people mobilising with a view of exercising their right to self-determination, including in Europe, where the minority protection system has been hailed as the most advanced in the world.

In view of the clear need of providing new models to make the minority dimension work within the framework of multinational states, UNPO will embark on a landmark initiative in the form of a three-day programme dedicated specifically to exploring the different dimensions of the concept of selfdetermination.

The programme will combine a range of different activities, in which the participants take part not only as passive learners, but are given the opportunity to influence the course of the different events, express their viewpoints and articulate their demands for self-determination. As such, they will learn about the political and theoretical relevance of self-determination in an increasingly interdependent world, gain knowledge of how to facilitate the preservation of their unique cultural, social, economic and political structures, network with other organisations, and join the growing movement fighting for self-determination in the 21st century.

Taking place in Brussels, in the direct proximity of European decision- and policy makers, UNPO Members will also be able to use the occasion to pursue individual advocacy visits, in addition to the official programme.

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