Us & Uk Thwart China And Cuba’s Attempt To Cover Up Pakistan’s Crimes Against Baloch People

Geneva: The representative of the United Kingdom and the United States on 7th June poured cold water over joint attempts by Pakistan, China and Cuba to stop Mehran Baluch from speaking at United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) – 27th Meeting 23rd Regular Session of Human Rights Council on 7th June 2013 – over the custodial killings by Pakistan.


Mehran Baluch

The Baloch representative at United Nations Human Rights Council, Mehran Baluch said the recent election completely exposed the farce that Pakistani establishment wanted to present as democracy and the willingness of the Baloch people exploited at its hands. He said the Baloch didn’t participate in this charade, adding that participation in the election would legitimize the injustices and exploitations that have been their fate since 27 March 1948 when Pakistan forcibly annexed Balochistan.

He said, “With recent attempt to deceive people completely foiled the state has intensified its dirty war and everyday few mutilated dead bodies of previously abducted Baloch are dumped.”

He further said that the systematic and organised dirty war should be of concern to the free world and Pakistani should be allowed to inflict brutalities on Balochistan.

There is an increase in the level of Baloch abductions and an equal escalation in tortured dead bodies being recovered. The brutal attacks are on the rise in different areas of Balochistan, he added.

He said, “On international front the nexus between China and Pakistan squarely aimed at Balochistan and its people. China needs an economic and energy corridor while Pakistan seeks money and a partner for suppressing Baloch demands for their rights.”

The non-participation of Baloch in the Pakistani election should be seen as the clear message of the Baloch nation for independence.

He said the Baloch have survived injustices and atrocities perpetrated against them for last sixty five years without any help or hope of help from the free world.

The Pakistani delegation irked by Mr Baluch’s speech started hitting the desks in a similar fashion as they usually do in their own national assembly sessions. He claimed that his country was committed to Protect and promote civil rights of its citizens.

He further said, “We cannot allow the use of this forum for statements which highly infringe on the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the sovereign states as enshrined in the United Nations Charter. We request you to expunge such remarks from the proceedings we request expunge such marks from the proceedings and ask the speaker to not to indulge in such remarks.”

Replying the remarks Pakistan representative the chairman of the session said, “Point of order should not be used to touch the substances the issues this is element of right to reply.”

Meanwhile the United States representative to the UNHCR said it highly believe that accredited NGOs should be permitted to speak in the council and the speaker should be allowed to complete his presentation.

The representative of Cuba supported Pakistan’s point of view saying that it was unacceptable for an NGO to try to attack the sovereignty, the territorial integrity and the independence of sovereign states. “We are not prepared to listen these types of statements that are lacking in substantiation,” He said.

As expected the China too supported the statement of its partner in crime saying that, “the human rights council should not be as a platform to be used for infringing upon the sovereignty and tutorial integrity of states.”

Echoing the views made by the United States the UK representative said that the speaker should be allowed to complete his statement before the UNHCR.

The President allowed the accredited speaker Mehran Baloch to complete his speech.

China and Pakistan were also reportedly at the receiving end for violent persecution and killing of a number of Uyghurs in China; and alleged assassination of a critic of Pakistan’s policy over Kashmir.

Courtesy: Baloch warna

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