Balochistan: Deadly Operation In Soorab, Two Women And A Child Killed

Occupied Balochista: Pakistani forces backed by gunship helicopter are conducting a deadly military operation in Gidar area of Soorab, Balochistan. Unconfirmed sources report casualty from both sides as the fighting continues.

According Balochistan local newspapers’reports Pakistan military surrounded the Alim Khan Zai village in Gidar area of Soorab and attacked the house of Niaz Baloch. Sources said that military was using heavy artillery and were backed by Gunship Helicopters. The entire area was reportedly bombed indiscriminately.

Some sources also reported that at least two Pakistani soldiers and four Baloch villagers have been killed when the villagers tried to protect their homes against Pakistani military’s bombardment.

Sanger News, a local independent news sources, reported that at least two women and a child have been killed and several are feared to have been wounded. It has also been reported that the Baloch freedom fighters have arrived to the aid of besieged villagers and a fierce battle is ongoing between Pakistani forces and the Baloch resistance fighters. Sanger News also reported that several Pakistani soldiers have been killed in attacks by Baloch fighters. It further added that the Pakistani forces were led by members of Shafiq Mengal’s anti Baloch mafia which is regarded as the Pakistan military’s ‘proxy death squad’.

Separately, unidentified persons killed the chairman of Awami Ittehad Party (AIP) in Khuzdar. According to details Wadera Mir Karim Khan Marri was killed on Chakar Khan Road in Kuzdar town of Balochistan. The attackers escaped the scene soon after the attack.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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