New Arrests Of Baluchs And Religious Scholars In Baluchistan

The Iranian government with intelligence service, police and “Pasdaran” in the tip has intensified arrest of Baluchs and the religious scholars in Baluchistan. Twenty-eight (28) Baluchs and religious scholars have been arrested in April and May this year in the western part of Baluchistan.

The names of those who has been arrested in this week.:

1 – Maulvi Muhammad Naqshbandi, 55 years old

2 – Maulvi Abdullah Molla Zadeh, 48 years old

3- Fouad Abadian, 17 years old.

4 – Nezamuldin Molla Zadeh, 18 years old

5 – Hamid Molla Zadeh, 23 years old

6 – Habib Rahman Molla Zadeh, 29 years old

7- Jabbar Molla Zadeh, 22 years old

8 – Malik Mohammad Abadian, 50 years old

9 – Javad Abadian, 20 years old

10 – Abdullah Abadian, 20 years old

11 – Maulavi Abdul Ghaffar Naqshbandi

Security forces and police to the religious (Shia sect) government in Iran opened fire on a crowd in the city Rask in Baluchistan on 14 May 2012.

The people were gathered and demonstrated against the arrest and abduction of baluchs and religious scholars. An innocent Baluchs, Jan Mohamnad Dehghani was brutally killed and several protesters were seriously injured in Rask.

The Iranian government has oppressed Baluch population since the occupation of Baluchistan. As a result of repression and the brutal policies in Baluchistan since 1928, has several thousands baluchs have been killed. Current sectarian government, has hundreds of innocent Baluchs in captivity.

Baluch prisoners lose the right to defend themselves or to have defense attorney. In the Islamic (Shia sect) ruled Iran baluchs sentenced to long prison terms or death penalty.

The terrorist state in Iran ignores the International Declaration of Human Rights, and Baluch poeple’s deprived of having a normal and dignified life.

We appeal to United Nation, international agencies and human rights organizations to act against violation of human rights in Baluchistan to rescue defenseless prisoners.

Baluchistan’s Human Rights Association – Norway


17. May 2012

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