Baluchistan Is Our Motherland Baluch Community Norway

Baluch are the aboriginal of Baluchistan since thousands years and they have a peculiar characteristics of their culture, language, tradition and costume. Baluchistan enjoyed a full sovereignty state with its territorial jurisdiction. Unfortunately Iran occupied forcefully in 1928. Baluch courageously fight with foreign occupant military within couple of seven months

Iran being belligerent occupation power. The occupant powers position is interim and temporary military administration.
The Geneva Convention nr.4 made it clear that territory occupied by the belligerents do not become a part of its territory. There is a legal maxam audi alterm pateren which means to condemn someone unheard. That is against the spirit of natural justice.
Firstly the Persian occupied our motherland without our consent and consultation and secondly the Persian fascist rulers with its nefarious design and malicious intentions has engineered a plot to delete or erase the ancient word BALUCHISTAN from the map of belligerent namely Iran.
This planning of Persian is absolutely against the spirit of international norms, rules and laws. Therefor Iran has no locus steandi to delete the word Baluchistan without the consent of Baluch people. It would be a great injustice, inhuman, discrimination and victimization with underprivileged Baluch nation and Baluchistan.
We appeal to the civilized world and Western democrat states to refrain the Iranian bigoted and sectarian regime to stop its inhuman policy and culture genocide in terms of deleting and erasing BALUCHISTAN, the name of our occupied motherland.

19th March 2013

Baluch community Norway

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