Baluchistan National Movement Strongly Deplores And Condemns Pakistan’s Brutal Military Operation In Baluchistan

The occupying Pakistani army carried out a brutal military operation in Mashky of Awaran area in Baluchistan. The military operation which started on 24th Dec 2012 is still ongoing against innocent Baluch people

. The occupying army of Pakistan deployed and used heavy weapons and artilleries indiscriminately from air and on ground. More than 18 innocent Baluch among them elderly, women and children were killed or injured from the assault. The occupying forces of Pakistan in their savage assault bombarded and set on fire many houses in the area.

Baluchistan National Movement strongly deplores and condemns Pakistan’s brutal military operation in Baluchistan. Ironically the Pakistani media which claims to be free and impartial is deliberately and totally silent. BNM calls upon the free World to express their concerns for the ongoing military operation in Baluchistan and to demand an end to it. BNM in particular asks the United States of America to take the initiative to make Pakistan accountable for the atrocities in Baluchistan as it warned the Syrian regime that they will be accountable for any use of chemical weapons or disproportionate use of force. BNM also asks the U.S. to end its aids to rogue state of Pakistan. The U.S. needs to see beyond post 2014 when it withdraws its troops from Afghanistan. It is in the interest of the free World to support Baluch people in their fight for independence. Ignoring Baluch people would be an irreparable and long-lasting mistake.

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