Geneva: A Conference With The Title Of “Balochistan: Struggle For Indendence”

“Balochistan: struggle for independence” conference held in Geneva Switzerland. September 13, 2013 at 12:25am Geneva: A Conference with the title of “Balochistan: struggle for independence” was held in Geneva Switzerland on Thursday (Sep 12, 2013). Baloch Leader Nawabzada Mehran Marri organized a conference in Geneva to discuss the current situation of Balochistan. Human Rights activists from different groups and Baloch Leader Noor Deen Mengal and prominent journalist and human right activist Mr Tarek Fatah also attended and spoke to conference. The General Secretary of Baloch Republican Party Switzerland chapter, Mr. Azizullah Bugti addressed the conference.

Following is his speech which he delivered at the meeting. Thank you Mr President. To giving me appotunity to speak Balochistan have been been suffering from fifth military aggression by Pakistani army since December 2005. Many prominent Baloch leaders including Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Balach khan Marri, Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Sher Mohammad Baloch and Lala Muneer Baloch Have been brutally killed by Pakistani army. More than 80000 Bugti and Marri have been forced to leave their native towns and migrated to internal Balochistan, Sindh and even thousands of them went to neibouring country Afghanistan, due to ongoing military operation in their areas.

Pakistan army did not limit its state terrorism against the people with in Kholu and Dera Bugti, while expended its military operations in the most Baloch populated area of Balochistan including Mashky, Awaran, khuzdar, Nushki, Turbat, Mastung, Ispilinji and adjoining areas. Pakistan army have been committing war crimes against humanity and continuing baloch massacre in Balochistan. Pakistan intensifies atrocities against the Baloch political leaders, workers and innocent civilans. On 21th of April 2013, the house Banuk Hooran Baloch the organizer of Baloch Republican Party women wing was attacked in Quetta by coward the personnel of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies but luckily she and her family remained unhurt.

The following month on 27th of may 2013, Pakistan army with the help of its death-sqauds surrounded the house of Shahi khan Bugti in RD 238 Pat feeder area of sui and started indiscriminating bombardment and firing on house, killing Shahi Bugti along with his two relatives namely Gondal Bugti and Piro Bugti, while injuring Abdul Rehman Bugti, Qalandar Bugti and a three years old boy Bagi Bugti.

Similary on june 23, 2013 Panjabi army attacked on a funeral ceremony was taking place in Sunari Mat area of Sui, brutally killed Murad s/o Dhaloo Bugti, Haji Angli s/o kher Mohammad Bugti, Shehan s/o Dhaloo Bugti, Yousaf s/o Dhaloo Bugti, Burfi s/o Kher Mohammad Bugti and Taro s/o Jamalhan bugti by indiscriminating firing. It wroth mentioning that the victims were belongs to same family.

In past few years Panjabi military, intelligence agency ISI and state sponsored death-squads have escalated their anit-Baloch policies, abducting Baloch youth, torture them to death and later their mutilated dead bodies are found on roadsides, isolated places in Balochistan and now even being thrown in Karachi Sindh. Most of the victims of state terrorism, extrajudicially killings are affiliated with pro-independence Baloch parties.

14 August as Baloch Nation have been observing as a black day, at that day Pakistan military army and intelligence agencies surrounded the house of Baloch National Movement leader Imdad Bojair Baloch and attacked it with heavy weapons killing central secretary of BSO-Azad, Raza Jhangir Baloch and Imdad Baloch leader of BNM. Human right violations in Balochistan on its peak and kiiling of Baloch youth, intellictuals, political leaders and jounalists are continuing with impunity by Pakistani security forces and notorious secret agency ISI.

Moreover thousands of Baloch are kidnapped and bearing inhuman torture in torture cells of Pakistani military. Despite the several reports of well known NGO’s, amensty international, human right watch and human right commission of Pakistan on human right abuses in Balochistan by Pakistan. Nevertheless the silence of united nation on human right violations in Balochistan by Panjabi army, raises questions on its structure of being voice for the suppressed Nations.

Once again we urge upon united nation to send a fact finding mission into Balochistan and urge Pakistan to stop its human rights violation in Balochistan. We also appeal to the united nation to play its due role in safe recovery of more 14000 Baloch missing persons those have been abducted by Pakistani military and its secret agency ISI.

Thank you Baloch Republican Party.

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