International Community Should Help Baloch People In The Struggle For Freedom: Hyrbyair Marri

The Swedish Liberal Party and a Sweden based Baloch political activist Mohammad Zainudini Baloch had organised the event.

Sweden: A one-day seminar was held in Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden, on the ongion Human Rights violation and the current situation of Balochistan. The Swedish Liberal Party (POLK) and a Sweden based Baloch political activist Mohammad Zainudini Baloch had organised the event.

Baloch leaders Hyrbyair Marri, Khan Suleman Daud Khan, Akhtar Mengal, Human Rights activists Angela Harvy and a representative of Amnesty International talked about the Baloch plight and the current situation of Balochistan.

Hyrbyair Marri in his speech said that Swedish people enjoy their social, political, legal and cultural rights whereas we (Baloch) are even forbidden to use Balochi in their homeland, Balochistan. He said it was an additional irony that currently more academic research, on Balochi language, is in progress in Sweden than in Balochistan. Mr Marri further said that there are still many other nations that suffer from subjugation but not to the same unimaginable degree of atrocities, exploitation and destruction that the Baloch presently are encountering in Balochistan.

The Baloch leader said that it was high time for the International democratic powers to support Baloch in their just struggle for National liberation. He requested the Swedish government and Swedish people to morally help Baloch struggle and raise their voice against the on-going human rights violations in occupied Balochistan.

Addressing the gathering Mir Suleman Daud Khan said that occupying states of Iran and Pakistan were committing the Genocide of Baloch people. He further said that the International Community has always been aware of the gross violation of human rights on both sides of the Gold Smith line but Iranian and Pakistanis have free reins to suppress the Baluch as they see fit.

The leader of Balochistan National Party Sardar Akhtar Mengal also addressed the meeting via video conference. He said the issue of Balochistan began in 1948 when Pakistan forcefully occupied Baloch land. Since then the social and political freedom of Baloch Nation has snatched from them and Baloch have been facing continuous atrocities.

Mr Mengal said the solution of Balochistan issue was impossible without the international intervention. He said Baloch should be given right to national self-determination which would mean full independence of the illegal territory and the right to freedom like other sovereign nations of world.

The speakers and the POLK have thanked Mr Mohammad Zainudini Baloch for arranging the meeting at Swedish Parliament. It is to be noted that a large number of Baloch activists from Sweden, Norway and London have attended the event and distribute informative leaflets and book on Balochistan.

BalochWarna will later on post further details of the event, pictures, and presentations of all speakers.

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