Protest In Geneva Against Brutal Suppression Of Baloch By Pakistan And Iran

Baloch UNPO Members, Balochistan National Party (BNP) and Balochistan People’s Party (BPP), West Balochistan in Iran, staged a joint demonstration, with activist of Balochistan Human Right Organization (BHRO) to protest against killing, execution, forced disappearance, and extra judicial killings, in 24 September 2012, in front of United Nation, in Geneva. They were holding banners protesting killing of Baloch at the hand of Pakistan and Iran security forces.

They were condemning the brutal police/paramilitary operation in Balochistan resulting in the death of scores of innocent civilians the siege of Baloch towns by the police and military forces causing worst form of human rights abuses in occupied Balochistan.

They were holding placards with the pictures of Baloch Like Mr Abdula Malik Mulazadeh killed by the Terrorists of Iranian regimes in Pakistan, and Baloch whom were executed without legal trial like Wahid Shahbakhsh, and Nasir Shanbizahi.

They were also helding picture of Baloch Civil right activist and blogger, Yaghob Mehrnihad, who was arrested in March 2008 and executed 4th September 2008. He was first blogger who was executed for his activities as a blogger and human right activist.

They were also holding pictures of Baloch political prisoner like Mr. Ismail Mulazadeh, Sakhi Rigi, Ahmad Zafar Diddgaah, and Mohammad Sabir Malik Raisi, the latter a Baloch youth who was arrested in 2009 when he was 16 years old and imprisoned for 15 years, now has been transferred to a unknown place in one of prison or detention centers in Iran, deprived of contacts with his family.

They were also holding banners against Pakistan’s security forces policies of arrest and forced disappearance and kidnapping of Baloch student teachers, journalists and political and cultural activists.

In the placard they were asking international communities to take action against Pakistan Human Rights abuses in Balochistan. They were also holding banners for freedom of Balochistan and self-determination of Baloch nation.

Septmeber 24, 2012

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