Tensions Between Iran and Pakistan Baloch children killed

In recent weeks, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard launched attacks on neighbouring borders, raising concerns about increased instability in an already tense region. These strikes are part of Iran’s broader regional policy, projecting force amid perceived threats at the expense of regional stability.

Under the pretext of security, Iran Revolutionary Guards attacked residential houses in Eastern Baluchistan (Pakistan), resulting in casualties. IRGC claims the targets were camps of the armed group Jeysh al-Adl.

In retaliation on January 28, 1402, Pakistan launched a missile attack on houses in Western Baluchistan (Iran), causing civilian casualties. Both sides claimed to target their opposition, with Iranian authorities alleging the death of foreign nationals.

The ongoing tensions, seemingly coordinated between Iran and Pakistan, victimize Baluch women and children. Analysts suggest organized efforts by security and government entities on both sides to target opponents’ homes, portraying themselves as victims of Baluch political groups.

The victims on the Iranian side of the border were women and children with no official identification. An ongoing issue for the Baluch community in Iran which we highlighted in our Baluchistan policy paper before. They have names and identities even if the IR of Iran doesn’t officially acknowledge them: The identities of the deceased children are reported as 3-year-old “Mahkan Baloch,” 2-year-old “Baber Dost,” and 3-year-old “Hani Dost,” all children of Dostin. The two women killed were identified as “Jan Bibi Baloch,” the 35-year-old wife of Dostin, and “Najma Baloch.”

Baluch analysts believe this is an attempt to depict themselves as victims of organized Baluch political and armed groups, influencing peaceful protests and people’s demands for their rights. Despite the tensions, border and trade activities between the two countries at the Mirjaveh border terminal are operating normally.

There is an urgent need for the international community to raise their concern about the situation and demand both sides to respect international laws and stop targeting civilians.

Azadi Network together with Balochistan People’s Party condemns the attacks carried out by both sides of the conflict and asks that the international communities and human rights organisations do not overlook these unlawful massacres and shed light on the dire conditions in Balochistan on both the Western and eastern borders.

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