World Should Take Notice Of Iran’s Barbarism Against Baloch People: Hyrbyair Marri

London : Patriot Baloch leader, Hyrbyair Marri, has said on Sunday that the Iranian state employs limitless power and has been resorting to brutal means against Baloch people in western occupied Balochistan.

Iranianian fanatic regime has been hanging innocent Baloch. It is matter of great concern as the western world remains silent on Iran’s repressive policies against Baloch people. The western states and media make lots of hue and cry about Iranian nuclear bomb and enrichment of uranium but expressed virtually no interest on regime’s crimes against humanity in Balochistan.

Mr. Hyrbyair has strongly condemned the mass execution of Baloch political prisoners in Zahidan jail on 26 October 2013. In matter of one day the regime has executed 16 Baloch political activists who were in their 20s and were kept in the regime’s prisons for several years. He said Baloch prisoners are usually subjected to severe torture and then hanged. Iranian fundamentalist government has no respect for human life and International laws.

The Baloch leader said that within past few weeks Iran has hanged more than 29 Baloch men and women. But the international organizations have even failed to notice such massacre of innocent Baloch.
He added that in our time there should be no place for such courage. The silence of international civilized world is beyond comprehension.

Mr. Hyrbyair Marri criticised the International media said that Iran has been deceiving the world about its nuclear program. Iran’s propaganda against Baloch people is of similar nature. Their representation of Baloch people is merely a litany of lies. Baloch are struggling for their most basic rights.

Hyrbyair said that Pakistan and Iran, in order to plunder Baloch land and natural resources, are striving to wipe out Baloch nation from face of world. Baloch are owner of a rich homeland but the occupying states of Iran and Pakistan forced to live in very appalling conditions.

The Baloch leader said: “In 1871 the British divided Balochistan and gave the western part of Balochistan to Persia by drawing the arbitrary Goldsmid line. This occupation was relatively short-lived. However in 1928 Persia once again under the leadership of Raza Khan reoccupied Balochistan.”

He said Iran and Pakistan are justifying their crimes in Balochistan with the help of their negative propaganda against Baloch people. They try to supress the Baloch voice for freedom. He added that Iran is constructing a wall between Eastern occupied and Western occupied Baloch. With their Berlin wall they want to separate Baloch families living on both sides of the wall.

Mr Marri said Iran and Pakistan were indiscriminately killing Baloch activists, adding that: “Pakistan is killing Baloch people through its proxy death squads and military whereas Iran continues to execute Baloch youth, women and elderly. Both the occupying states aim to take control of Balochistan natural resources.”

Hyrbyair Marri said: “Baloch nation should understand the conspiracies of these occupying states. Baloch should unite as one nation instead of believing in terms like Irani Baloch and Pakistani Baloch. These terms are invented by our occupiers to keep us divided and distort our national identity.”

Mr Marri appealed the Baloch national to remember 26 October as a day of National Unity because on this day Abdul Qadeer Baloch, Vice chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, announced a historical long march for the recovery of enforced disappeared Baloch activists. This is the day also to remember 16 innocent Baloch political activists who were executed by Iranian fascist government, he said.

Hyrbyair Marri urged the International Community in particular America and the European Union to play their role to end Pakistan and Iran barbarism against Baloch people. He said: “The World community should step in to help the Baloch to bring Iranian and Pakistani to the international Court of Justice for their crimes against Baloch people.”

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