14 August To Be Observed As A Black Day In Balochistan

Occupied Balochistan: The Baloch National Front (BNF) has announced to observe 14 August, Pakistan’s Independence Day, as a Black Day in Balochistan and appealed the Baloch nation for a shutter down protest tomorrow.

Successful freedom movement and its core prerequisite

According to details the BNF has said that 14 August is a Black Day in the region because the British in collaboration with other international powers had established an unnatural state on this day, which has been engaged in terrorising Baloch people, other oppressed nations and peace loving countries of world since its existence. The BNF said, “All its departments including the army, security agencies, Parliament and judiciary are corrupt and they only serve the interest of Punjab.”

The BNF further said that Pakistan is engaged in Baloch genocide from past six decades whereas the international powers’ own creation ‘Pakistan’ of has become a great danger for Britain, America and rest of the world. Whether it is the genocide of Baloch Nation, massacre of Bengalis and destruction of Afghanistan’s peace or promoting religious extremism Pakistan has always tended to harm world peace.

The BNF spokesperson said in fact today Pakistan has become a factory of religious fundamentalism from where it brainwashes thousands of innocent people and send to Afghanistan to serve her expansionist interests. Whereas it also uses these elements to black mail her neighbouring countries, America and the world community.

The existence of Pakistan and hence 14 August is a black day of the oppressed people of the region. This state to continue its colonial and exploitative policy has killed hundreds of thousands of Bengalis suppressed the Sindhis and occupied the Baloch sovereign state. Thousands of Baloch have been abducted and it continues to indiscriminately bomb civilians’ populations in Balochistan.

The BNF said that Baloch freedom struggle has proved its existence to the world, which has weakened the basis of this unnatural state [Pakistan]. “It is the responsibility of Britain and all those powers [that created Pakistan] to rectify their historical mistake and support the Baloch struggle for their freedom and stop supporting Pakistan. Because the aid that Pakistan gets from international powers is being used to carry out Baloch genocide”, said the BNF.

The spokesperson of BNF said 14 August will be observed as a Black Day and there will be a complete shutter down strike in Balochistan. He appealed the Baloch nation to support the protest to express their hatred and pledge their loyalty to their motherland, Balochistan.

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