Corrected list of martyrs of Zahedan on 8 mehrmah 1401, equal to September 30, 2022 / Massacre of peaceful demonstrators in Balochistan On “bloody Friday 30th September 2022 “

The current protest movement of the Iranian people with the slogan “Women, Life, Freedom” started on 26th of Shahrivar of 1401 equal to 17th of September 2022 in all cities of Iran.

Balochistan where the anger of Baloch people of the rape of a fifteen years old Baloch girl by the police commander in Chabahar city who enjoys impunity, continued in different cities and Zahedan the capital of Balochistan has been the scene of protests and bloody clashes on Friday 8th of Mehr 1401 (30th September 2022).

Along with nationwide uprising of the people of Iran, Zahidan protest started after the Friday prayer near the mosque of Eidgah, aplace affiliated to the Makki Mosque of Zahedan with the famous slogan of; “Women, Life, Freedom“.

Unfortunately, the repressive Revolutionary Islamic Guard Corps witha pre-planned preparation opened direct fire on the unarmed peacefulprotestorsin order to terrorizeBaloch protesterskilling and injuring dozens of people including several woman and children.

The protest of the people at that location of Zahedan because of fierce killings by IRGC, quickly spread to other areas of the city, including the old market and Shirabaad. Angry people attacked the No.16 Police Station of Zahedan with stones, but the IRGC’s answer was direct merciless shooting at people.

Although the protesters were unarmed and only had on hand the road stones and on mouth the anti-regime slogans, but the regime’s heavily militarized forces backed by flying helicopters, as in the past, the none uniformed forces of the regime wearing Balochi traditional clothes had already penetrated among the protesters started burning and destroyed public and personal propertiesto sabotage and justifykilling protesters.

Dozens of injured demonstrators in this criminal act are in Zahedan hospitals, while the security forces have prevented the medical staff from performing their duties.

Despite of many eye witnesses confirming the fact of blind shooting at the mass of protestors, regime’s official news agencies are broadcasting fake news, trying to show casepeople’s peaceful protest as an act of violence by censorship and fake news of killing and arresting people by the hand of IRGC.

The Iranian totalitarian and dictatorial government instead of addressing the people’s demands, uses its armed forces killing injuring, and extensive arrests in an effort to silence the voice of the people’s protest and send them home.

The share of this peaceful and unarmed demonstration for the people of Balochistan specially Zahedan was nothing  than:

  • Killing and injuring many men, women and children on Friday 30thSeptember 2022(The list of killed demonstrators is increasing day by day and the 49 people’s names confirmed ).
  • Arresting many of those innocent who were in the street without any being participants of the protest.
  • Preventative medical treatment action by IRGC for the injured demonstrators in Zahedan hospitals.
  • Forced confessions of some citizens in front of the camera of the Islamic Regime.
  • There are unreported number of dead and injured demonstrators.
  • Disconnection of Internet.
  • Formal announcement of Martial Law in Zahidan not allowing more than two people being together.

Balochistan Peoples’Party(BPP) while announcing  full support for the movement of the people, condemn the killing of the Baloch people and demand the release of all those arrested during the people’s demonstrations in Zahedan and the treatment of the injured in these demonstrations.

BPP appeal to international human right organizations, democratic countries isto put pressures on the Iranian Islamic regime to stop unlawful arrests and killing protesters and allow   treatment of the injured in Zahidan.

BPP appeal to United Nation, international communities and human rights organizations to act against the violation of Baloch People human rights.

Nasser Boladai

General Secretary for;Balochistan People’s Party

03st December 2022


The list of confirmed  killed demonstrators on Friday 30th of September 2022 in Zahedan .

  • Hamid Naroui S/o Mohammad Ali
  • Hamid Naroui S/o Rashid
  • Hamza Naroui S/o Mohammad
  • Hamza Naroui
  • Haidar Naroui
  • Mohammad Sediq Naroui S/o Serajjuddin 23 years old
  • Younes Naroui
  • Abdullah Naroui 30 years old from Sherabad, Zahedan
  • Ali Ageli(Naroui( 28 years old
  • Imran Shahbaksh s/o Abdulqaouim
  • Yaser Shabaksh S/o Taj Mohammad
  • Mohyouddin Shabaksh s/o Mohammad Kabir
  • Farzad Shabaksh S/o Ibrahim
  • Ahmad Shabaksh
  • Mohammad Ali Ismailzahi (Shah Baksh) S/o Abdulwahed
  • Jalil Qanbarzahi (Shah Baksh)S/o Abdulrahman
  • Abdulmalek Shahbaksh
  • Majid Balochzahi Shahbaksh S/o MehruAllah
  • Mohammad Ali Ghamshadzahi 18 Years old
  • Mohsen Ghamshadzahi
  • Salahuddin Gamshadzahi S/o NematuAllah
  • Lal Mohammd Anshini S/o Sharif
  • Belal Anshini
  • Mehdi Anshini
  • Lal Mohammad Anshini
  • Abdulghafoor Noor Berahoui S/o Zaher
  • Mohammad Berahoui (student)
  • Abdulsamad Berahoui S/o Sakhidad
  • Jamal AbdulNaser Mohammad Hasani(Brahoui)
  • Lal Mohammad Alizahi S/o Zarif
  • Abubaker Nahtani
  • Moosa Nahtani
  • Mohammad Galjai
  • Aminuallah Galjai
  • Mohammad Rigi
  • AbdulMajid Rigi
  • Ganguzahi Rigi
  • Amir Hussain Parniyan (MirkazahiRigi) S/o Ibrahim 19 years old
  • Behzad Rigi S/o Reza 30 years old
  • AbdulJalil Rakshani S/o Majid
  • AbdulMannan Rakshani
  • Mansoor Rakshani
  • Mohammad Faruq Rakshani
  • Belal Rakshani S/o Abdulwahed
  • Jalil Rakshani S/o Majid
  • Sami Hashemzahi S/o Nabi 33 years old
  • Mahmoud Shahnawazi s/o AmamUllah
  • Mohammad Reza Adib Tootazahi S/o Sayed Mohammad
  • Omar Shahnawazi
  • Abdulkaleq Shahnawazi S/o Mohammad Sharif
  • Mohammad Omar Shahnawazi S/o Mohammad Sharif
  • Molawi Omid Shahnawazi S/o Ahmad
  • Amir Hamzah Shanawazi
  • AbdulJalil Ganbarzahi (Shabakash) S/o Abdulrahman
  • Nematullah Qobdani s/o RahmatUllah
  • AzizUllah Kabdani s/o HabibiUllah
  • Ibrahim Gorgij
  • Samad Shahoozahi S/o Shirdel
  • Ahmad Sargulzai
  • Mohammad Faruq Raksh
  • Ali Akbar Halgebegoosh
  • Abubaker Ali Zahi S/o Abdulshkoor
  • Hamid Eisazahi
  • Jalil Mohammad Zahi S/o Abdulrahman
  • Amin Gulbache
  • Imran Hasanzahi S/o Ali
  • Arman Hasanzahi
  • Mortaza Hasanzahi
  • Zolfaqar Hasanzahi
  • Mahmoud Hasanzahi
  • Abdulwahid Touhidniya S/I Rahim
  • Salman Maleki
  • Abdulgafoor Dehmardeh
  • Matin Qanbarzahi (Gorgij) 18 years old
  • Ismail Ayeel S/o Rahman
  • Sulaiman Arab S/o Sardar
  • Ahmad Sarani known as Jomma Alizahi 28 years old S/o Abdullah
  • Ismail Hussainzahi S/o Mohammad Salim
  • Mahuddin Shirozahi
  • Abdulsamad Sabetizadeh(Shahoozahi) S/o Sher Ali
  • Khoda Noor Lajai S/o Eisa
  • Najmuddin Tajik S/o Hafizullah
  • Moosa Vira (Naroui) S/o Abdulqais 18 years old
  • Mahmoud Berahoui S/o Moosa 18 years old
  • Mustafa Parichi s/o Hasan 24 years old

The list of confirmed children who  killed demonstrators on  bloody Friday 30th of September 2022 in Zahedan .

  1. Mirshekar 2 years old
  2. Danial Shabaksh s/o Abdulhamid  11 years old
  3. Jawad Pousha S/o Ahmad 11 years old
  4. Ali Brahoui s/o Omar 12 years od
  5. Mohammad Rakshani s/o Abdulqader  12 years old
  6. Jaber Shirozahi S/o Ahmad 12years old
  7. Omid Sarani 13 years old
  8. Sodais Kashani 14 years old from Zahedan
  9. Samer Hashemzahi 16 years old
  10. Mohammad Iqbal (Naebzahi) Shanawazi S/o Neyaz 16 years old
  11. Yaser Shahoozahi 16 years old
  12. Omid Safarzahi S/o  Naeem 17 years old
  13. Mohammad Amin Gamshadzahi S/o Abdulhamed 17 years old
  14. Hasti Naroui 7 years old
  15. Moosa Anshini S/o Aziz 17 years old

The list of confirmed  killed demonstrators on Friday Khash .

  • Younes s/o Hafez Anwar Salahshooran(MirBalochzahi)
  • Mohammad Shahbaksh s/o Nader(MirBalochzahi)
  • Shohlibor s/o Ismail
  • Azim Mahmoodzahi s/o Peerdad
  • Saeed Sohrabzahi s/o Wahed
  • Sadeq Aramesh(Brahoi)
  • Ali Kord Kolahori (Moradzahi)
  • Abdulmalek Shanawazi(Kamalkhanzahi)
  • Kambiz Rigi
  • Sadeq Aramesh s/o Allahbaksh

The list of confirmed children who has been killed   in  Friday demonstration in Khash

  • Mobeen Mirkazahi s/o Morad 18 years old
  • Yaser Bahadorzahi 17 years old

The initial list of the names of the martyrs of September 30 is still available on the same website at the following address.

The list of confirmed killed demonstrators on Friday 30th of september 2022 in Zahedan but it is increasing as more killed people’s names day by day.


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