A Daughters Plea For Release Of Father And Brothers In Iranian Jails

Subject: Appeal for immediate release of Malik Mohammad Abadian, Abdulhadi, Abdullah, Javad, Gol Muhammad Boladai, and Nezamuldin Mullazadeh.

A daughters plea for release of father and brothers in Iranian Jails

General Hussain Rahimi
Chief of Security Forces
Province of Sistan and Baluchistan.

February 28, 2015

Subject: Appeal for immediate release of Malik Mohammad Abadian, Abdulhadi, Abdullah, Javad, Gol Muhammad Boladai, and Nezamuldin Mullazadeh.

Dear General Rahimi,

My name is Nasrin Abadian and I am the daughter of Malik Mohammad Abadian. On March 2012, my father Malik Mohammad Abadian along with my three brothers – Abdulhadi, Abdullah and Javad; my uncle Gol Muhammad Palideh; my cousin Nezamuldin Mullazadeh accompanied Maulana Nagshbandi, his son Moulavi Abdulghafar, and his son-in-law Fakheer Mohammad. They were arrested by forces under your command.

I wish I had written to you a few months or years ago regarding the unlawful arrest of my loved ones. Since then a new wave of arrests and imprisonment of another thirty innocent young citizens of my home town Nasir Abad* marked on your resume have taken place. I find these incidents mind-boggling and troublesome upon myself to let it pass.

In your recent interview with local and national media, you have mentioned that the detainees were from the town of Nasir Abad and it is related to the assassination of Molavi Jangi Zehi. Isn’t that the same statement you made upon the arrest of my family members? You also mentioned that these thirty young men confessed to the assassination of the cleric – I find that very hard to believe or digest.

Perhaps, I should refresh your memory or remind you that three years ago my father, brothers, uncle and cousin were convicted of the same “crime” with no evidence, no eye witnesses and no defence lawyers to represent them.

We all are completely aware of the fact that you and your associates have pressured and tortured my loved ones into confessing acts they never committed and that was your only evidence for their imprisonment and conviction to death. My family members were convicted for conspiracy against National Security, crime against God and Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) and homicide.

I also would like to remind you that you have convicted my loved ones for a crime that they never committed. Let me remind you that people of Rask* marched to your Head Quarter and protested against your court rulings. In turn the peaceful protestors were beaten up by your security forces and at least one innocent civilian died of gunshot wounds due to the indiscriminate firing by your forces.

In a petition letter signed by the family members of late Molavi Jangi Zehi requested all charges to be dropped and my love ones released immediately. In response to the request you stated that these detainees were “counter revolutionaries.” In addition, provincial representative along with the representative of Iranshahr* paid a visit to your prison for a discussion on the case. Unfortunately, your verdict regarding my loved ones’ case has not changed a bit and you still consider the innocent guilty without evidence and therefore justice denied. My only question is why you don’t leave my loved ones alone and why are you still holding them captive and refusing to release them?

What I expect from The Islamic Republic is justice for the innocent members of my family. I am requesting all false charges against my family members dropped with immediate effect. I am hoping for the return of my loved ones to live a normal life in peace with the rest of the family members.

As I write to you, I am witnessing another mass arrest in my home town Nasir Abad. And as far as I can judge from previous experiences, there are no evidences, no eye witnesses and no defence lawyers. Moreover, I can see there will be more torture and pressure on these new detainees for false confessions to the crime they never committed. This will lead to more suffering of the families, mothers, sisters and brothers going through the same pain that I have experienced for the past three years.

Dear General Rahimi,
I am hoping for the justice to be served.
I am hoping for my loved ones to be freed.
And more importantly, I am hoping for an end to the bleeding wounds of the people of Baluchistan.

From the Daughter of Baluchistan

Nasrin Abadian


* Nasir Abad , small town 130 km from Iranshahr
Rask city of Rask 140 km south of Iranshahr.
Iranshahr (city of Iranshahr in central Baluchistan 321 Km from Zahedan)

The text is a translation from original text in Farsi. Link to Farsi Text:


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