Appeal To:The International Community To Put Pressure On Iranian Government To Stops Mass Arrests And Executions Of Baloch People In Iran

Based on the above, and on behalf of the Baloch people in Iran, Balochistan People’s Party urges you to:

Appeal to:

The International Community to put pressure on Iranian government to stops Mass arrests and executions of Baloch people in Iran


News from various human rights organizations proves that the Iranian regime has planned mass executions and arrests of Baloch people during recent years.

In May 2012 in Zahidan Prison two Baloch prisoners were sentenced to death following a demonstration in Rask City and other towns in Sarbaz area. Political prisoner In Zahedan prison, protested the death sentences against their inmates. For the punishment of the involved prisoners, regime exiled most of the political prisoner from Zahedan to other prisons, far from Balochistan.

After the last Friday 19th October’s Sunny religious extremists suicide killings in Chabhar a coastal city in Balochistan that caused the death of 3 persons including the suicide bomber, and two Baseeji which condemned by Balochistan People Party , a new wave of execution and arrest has started by the Iranian regime.

Amnesty international in a statement wrote that: “government was increasingly using the death penalty as a way of stemming unrest in areas with large ethnic minorities. Bomb attacks in the predominantly Arab province of Khuzestan and ethnic Baluch areas of Sistan-Baluchistan province in recent years were followed by a wave of often public executions. Some of the condemned men were shown on state television making “confessions” that are believed to have been extracted from them under torture or other duress.”[ ]


On 21st October, the 3rd day after the recent suicide bombing event of Chabhar , in a revenge action that was stressed by authorities, three young men including a teenager political prisoners were hanged inside the prison of Zahidan. The bodies were not handed over to the families and buried in a unknown place by the authorities as usual.

These three hanged youngmen were:
1- Abdolbaaset Rigi s/o Mohammad Rezaa
2- Abdoljalil Rigi s/o Rasool
3- Yahyaa Charizahi s/o Rostam

One days after the execution of the above three political prisoners, the authorities have informed some of the families of the political prisoners, their loved one will be executed soon . The list of political prisoners who face imminent execution are: [ ]:

1- Hamze Rigi, 19, years old. He has gone to hunger strike to protest against death Sentence.
2- Abdulwahab Rigi’ was arrested as a 17 years old on the October 2010
3- Merullah Rigi was also arrested as a 17 years old on the October 2010
4- Salman Miyahi, 26 years old
5- Habibullah Riginezhad Shoraki
6- Navid Shejahi 21 years old
7- Ayoub bahramzahi.
8- Hamid Vakalat 20 years old
9- Bahir Ahmed Hossien Zahi,
10- Abdul Khalegh Sahhozahi.
11- Ahmed Sherani
On the 23rd of October home of some relatives of anti regime activists in Meskotan in Nikshar district also were attacked and arrested four peoples. they intimidated the family members of the arrested, that in case of unrest or clashes between regime’s security forces they would be executed.
Name of the fur persons who were arrested in Meskotan are:
1- Kheir Mohamad Naroui,
2- Ghalandar Amiri,
3- Mohamad Amin Amiri
4- Amin Naroe.

Beecause of the Baloch People’s ethnic and religious identity differences with the state sponsored ethnic and religious identity, Life for the Baloch people in Iran, due to sectarian violence as the result of the implementation of suppressive and discriminative policies on Baloch people has become erratically deteriorating and intolerable.


Based on the above, and on behalf of the Baloch people in Iran, Balochistan People’s Party urges you to:
• Help to stop execution of Baloch political prisoners and prisoners arrested on other charges.
• Raise the issue with the Tehran authorities of the current critical situation of the Baloch people and other minorities in Iran who continue to see their basic human rights violated.
• Call upon the Tehran authorities to immediately investigate the extrajudicial killings of civilian Baloch and other minorities living in Iran; and to take immediate measures to ensure that the enforced displacement of the Baloch people is halted.
• Get free all political prisoners and should be given a fair, free and open trial and access to defense lawyer all people who have in any case committed crime under the countries law

Balochistan People Party


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