Pakistan Intelligence Agencies Planned To Kill Baloch Human Rights Activists: Vbmp

Nasrullah Baloch, the chairman of VBMP and Abdul Qadeer Baloch, Vice Chairman held a press conference outside Quetta Press Club to inform the media and public about the life threats they have constantly been receiving from Pakistani security agencies.


Occupied Balochistan: The chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons on Tuesday said intelligence agencies of Pakistan planned to kill leadership, activists of his Organisation and the family members of enforced-disappeared Baloch.

Nasrullah Baloch said, “We have been peacefully protesting for the recovery of enforced-disappeared Baloch activists from past several years but the government agencies dislike our democratic protest. They have planned to kill Qadeer Baloch, myself and activists (Family members). They can attack our demonstrations and the protest camps at any time. If anything happened to Qadeer Baloch, me or any other family members of the abducted Baloch, the government security agencies will be held responsible for it.”

He further said that they submitted an application to the Supreme Court and clearly stated that their life was in danger from Pakistan’s security agencies and they needed protection. Mr Baloch said, “The Supreme Court has instructed the Police in this regard. We have also categorically asked the SHO (Station House Officer) of Saryab Police Station to provide us legal protection but they have not taken any steps for our security.”

He said although the Supreme Court in its interim order on Balochistan issue said there was enough evidence of government agencies’ involvement in unconstitutional activities in Balochistan but the court has failed to take any practical action to implement its interim order. The extra-judicial killings and abductions of Baloch youth has intensified because of impracticality of the Supreme Court, he added.

The chairman of VBMP said, “It was said in the interim order that the CID (Central Investigation Department) would investigate the cases of enforced-disappeared Baloch activists but we do not think the CID is powerful enough to take action against those institutions that are involved in abductions and extra-judicial killings of Baloch youth.

“In 2003 the then chief minister of Balochistan, Mr Jaam Yousaf, has tasked the CID to investigate the case of Ali Asghar Bangulzai – Nasruallh Baloch’s uncle – but despite recording the statements of all witnesses they failed to take any action till this day. Hence, we believe that asking the CID to handle the cases of abducted Baloch is aimed at delaying justice to the families of abducted Baloch and instead of resolving the issue of enforced-disappearances they will make it more complicated.”

Explaining about Supreme Court hearing Nasruallah Baloch said, “All those cases that were submitted to the Court, their investigation has been completed. The report of IGP (Inspector General of Police) to Supreme Court clearly proves that the intelligence agencies are involved in extra-judicial killings and abductions of people [in Balochistan]. The courts should take practical action against these institutions to fulfill their legal duties.”

He urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take practical actions and provide justice to those families whose loved ones are missing from past many years.

He also revealed that four well-known lawyers have refused to represent the cases of enforced-disappeared Baloch and the families were facing many difficulties without any legal representation at Supreme Court. Adding that, “The other six lawyers that the Supreme Court had appointed to help the families of abducted Balochs’ families, have given useless suggestions to the Court. None of them has said that the involvement of intelligence agencies in extra-judicial killings and abductions have been proved that is why practical actions should be taken to bring the official perpetrators to justice.”

The leaders of VBMP have urged the human rights Organisations, political parties and representatives of civil society to play their influential role for the safe and immediate recovery of enforced-disappeared Baloch activists.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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