Appeal: Urge The Iranian Government To Release Baloch Teachers By Balochistan Peoples Party

Twenty two Baloch teachers have been arrested in the Balochistan cities Sarawan and Zahidan, Iran. After their arrest on 11th and 12th August 2009, the teachers were transferred to unknown locations. Since then their families have been denied any information about the detainees. Furthermore, the families have been harrassed, threatened to be detained and asked to keep silent about the arrest of their loved ones.

The “Organization of Human Rights Activists of Iran”  has indintified some of the arrested teachres from Sarawan as Mr Behrooz Bahorzahi son of Pir Bakhsh, teacher of the  “12 Urdibahesht School” , Mr Ali Reza Chakari son of Shahdad,  deputy-principal at the Bagher Khan School, Mr Hamid Reza Chakari Son of Shahdad, Mr Abdul Rahman Rawanbakhsh, an IT engineer.


On the 13 the regimes security forcess attacked home of 7 more teachers in the city of Zahidan and arrested them some have been identified by, “Organization of Human Rights Activists of Iran”,  as Mohmmad Saleh Eslamzahi son of Atah Mohammad and his 17 years old son Mehdi Islamzahi, and Alim Jangizahi Teacher in the Bagher Khan School

Denying access to information and prohibiting the families to visit them and also threatning them to keep silent indicate that they are under psychological pressure and being tortured physically. Judging from the recent arrests and executions by the regime in Balochistan it is certain that these teachesr will also be forced to confess and then will be convicted without having access to lawyers and behind closed court rooms. In the past, the regime has arrested and convicted political opponents under the false charges of drug trafficking or rebellion against the state.

Balochistan Peoples Party (BPP) is seriously concerned about the life and health of these teachers. We therefore urge the international community, the human rights organizations and democratic governments to put pressure on Iranian authorities to release the arrested teachers.


Nasser Boladai

Spokes person of Balochistan Peoples Party


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