Baloch Genocide In Progress: Four Killed In Turbat, More Troops And Gunships Sent To Marri – Bugti Regions

The bodies of the killed men were taken to the District Headquarters Hospital Turbat for autopsy.

Occupied Balochistan: Four Baloch men were killed and seven others arrested during a pre-dawn raid on a house in Gyhbun area of district Turbat, Balochistan.

According details on Pakistani security agencies and Para-Military forces raided the houses of Shahsowar Baloch in the early hours of Friday morning. Locals said that the forces opened unprovoked and indiscriminate firing at the inhabitants of the area which killed at least four Baloch men. The occupying forces have also arrested seven people from the region.

The bodies of the killed men were taken to the District Headquarters Hospital Turbat for autopsy. The dead were identified as Muhammad Adam, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Hassan and Muhammad Aslam. The FC spokesperson confirmed the killings.

A local police official on the conditions of anonymity said that “When we heard of the operation, we contacted DCO Turbat and have been dispatched to visit the area but the FC did not allow us access to the battle sight. When we tried to resist that the area was under our jurisdiction and we must visit the sight, they (FC) pointed guns at us and asked us to leave.”

The resident of the area and eye-witnesses further confirmed that a house to house search was started in the area and it is feared that several other people might be arrested or target killed in the name of fake encounters like the four youth that had been killed earlier in on Friday morning.

It is to be noted that the Pakistani Para-Military and other security forces have initiated fresh military offensives in Dera Bugti, Kohistan Marri and Turbat regions. Two days before the Turbat killings, online Baloch activists had reported that unusual movement of Pakistani troops and helicopter flying in low altitude were seen in Bolan, Mach, Peer Ismail, Marwad and Saangan and Rekhmi Lakkad regions of Balochistan.

The online activists had also reported that at least three gunship helicopters and more than 40 army trucks had arrived in Dera Bugti areas of Pir Kohan d Zain Koh, Balochistan. Locals believe that such heavy presence of Military in the region was a gesture of the beginning of new offensives.

Baloch analysts and human rights campaigners have termed the operations in Balochistan as barbaric and an expansion of the on-going military offensives. They said it was a matter of shame that such naked barbarism was taking place right under the nose of International community and western democracies but these powers seems be totally ignoring the Pakistani atrocities against Baloch people.

Meanwhile the Baloch National Front (BNF) an alliance of pro-freedom Baloch parties, have strongly condemn the Turbat killing and military offensives in Marri -Bugti regions. The BNF further said that human rights violations were continuing unabated in Balochistan. “Few days back the four bodies of Nadeem Baloch, Ghulam Nabi Baloch, Ilahi Bux Baloch and Hussain Balcoh, residents of Mashky were found dumped – today another four Baloch have been killed in an unprovoked attack”, said the BNF spokesperson.

The BNF has also announced a complete shutter-down strike in Turbat region on Saturday (Today). They appealed the Baloch nation to participate in the strike to show their anger against state atrocities against Baloch people.

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