The Enemies Of Civilized World Announced Jihad Against Baloch Nation. Hyrbyair Marri

This so-called council considers Baloch freedom activists as non-Muslims and has issued edict of Jihad against the Baloch freedom struggle.

“The enemies of civilized world have waged a war against the Baloch nation, which confirms the fact that the Pakistani state machinery is trying to wipe out the secular Baloch nation,” said the Baloch patriotic leader Hyrbyair Marri.

He further said that, Pakistan couldn’t deceive the world with her double standards and it has failed to paint Baloch nation as a religious extremist force. This failed endeavour of Pakistan was to deprive the Baloch nation of help and support by the democratic and civilised world. The Baloch nation proved at different instances that it is not against any one on ethnic or religious basis. The Baloch nation is struggling only to defend their motherland.

The Baloch leader said that, “failed in quashing the Baloch struggle through threats, bribes, disappearances and killings the occupying state is now trying to use the foot soldiers of ISI and MI with the name of Pakistan Difa Council (Defence of Pakistan Council).” This council, Mr Marri said, is involved in sabotaging the peace process in Afghanistan and is a big supporter of stopping NATO supplies. They spew hatred against America and entire West during the rallies in every city of Pakistan. Not confined to this, their leaders even include people like Hafiz Saeed, who is said to be the mastermind of Mumbai Attacks and America has put head money on him.

This so-called council considers Baloch freedom activists as non-Muslims and has issued edict of Jihad against the Baloch freedom struggle. This clearly shows that instead of protecting Islam they are more interested in preserving and protecting the geographical existence of Pakistan which is a black stain on the name of religion.

Mr. Marri further said that now is the time to judge whether America is going to support the jihadist state of Pakistan, who is backing the attacks against ISAF and America, or they will stand with the secular and liberal Baloch nation. The Baloch nation is fighting against these religious fanatics since long for its existence. In broadest sense the Baloch nation is not only fighting its war but also trying to protect the whole world from religious extremists that are being nurtured by Pakistan and Iran.

The Baloch leader said that the world has to take a stern stance about Pakistan [nuclear weapons] exactly in similar fashion they’re putting pressure on Iran to stop developing nuclear weapons. Because it has now become clear that due to the soft stance of US Pakistan has come into position that she is able to blackmail US and the Afghanistan war is showing very disappointing results which is not only dangerous for America but it is alarming for the entire region.

Hayrbyair Marri said US, Europe and all other civilized and democratic countries should now support the Baloch nation in getting their independence from the occupying states of Iran and Pakistan. He said the occupying states should withdraw from Balochistan like Britain, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy had left their colonies without having need of any referendum. Similarly in recent past Iraq was forced to withdraw from Kuwait, following the same rule, these two occupying states (Iran and Pakistan) should leave Balochistan.

He said Baloch are the only power that can not only help bring peace in the region but they’re also natural ally of the civilised world in International war against religious extremism. Pakistan and Iran are trying to brutally crush the Baloch people and now even mass graves are being found in Balochistan which illustrates that thousands of abducted Baloch might be tortured to death and buried in unknown mass graves.

Mr Marri praised the statements of Senator John Mccain and Ryan Crocker in which they expressed concerned that Pakistan was providing safe heaven to the enemies of America and creating problems for them (Americans). He said if Pakistan had any respect for International laws, she would not have given safe heaven to Osama-Bin-Laden, world’s most wanted man, near the military base in Abbottabad and neither would have she allowed Organisations like Defence of Pakistan Council hold rallies to incite people against West.

He said the statements of American leaders would have been more affective if they had pressurise their own government to review their policy about Pakistan’s double standards. He said, America should take action as it took against Libya, Yemen and Egypt to save human lives whereas Pakistan and Iran have full immunity to carry out the massacre of Baloch people. Mr Marri said as long as America and West doesn’t end its discriminatory policies and start treating all nations equally, monster like Pakistan will continue to take advantage and destroy the peace in the region.

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