Baloch Leaders Reject Pm’s Dialogue Offer By Kiyya Qadir Baloch

Mr. Bizenjo says initially the government should stop those throwing bullet-riddled bodies and missing persons must be brought into court if they are guilty.

Islamabad: Baloch leaders have rejected the PM’s invitation for dialogue and said that the Baloch issue can’t be resolved until missing persons are recovered and bringing to justice the elements involved in custodial killings of 500 Baloch political workers.
National Party Vice President Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo said before going for negotiations, confidence building measures must be taken. He said more than 400 mutilated bodies have been found after going missing and thousands of people are still missing to this day. Mr. Bizenjo says initially the government should stop those throwing bullet-riddled bodies and missing persons must be brought into court if they are guilty. He said elements involved in killings of political workers must be brought to justice and the killers of Nawab Akbar Bugti must be punished immediately. Mr. Bizenjo said cases must be registered against those involved in kidnapping people for ransom. “The Baloch are ready to sit at the negotiation table if the PM begins an investigation against all those, whether civilian or military, involved in kidnapping people and dumping their bodies after killing them,” Mir Hasil said, adding that if the federal government is sincere and has the courage to do so then ways for negotiations are always open.
Mama Qadeer Baloch, vice chairman for Baloch Missing persons (VBMP) said he doesn’t understand what governments want by calling Baloch leadership for negotiation when the killing of political workers and missing persons is still continuing and no step from federal government had been taken to resolve the issue of missing persons who had been sitting on hunger strike for 843 days. Qadeer Baloch said, instead of Supreme Court action, killing and dumping policies are still going on. Adding that civilian government is helpless in front of the military, until the military is withdrawn from Balochistan, the Baloch leadership will never sit at the dialogue table.
Mohammad Jan Baloch, Baloch Students Organization central committee member, while talking to Daily Times also rejected the government offer for talks in this situation and accused the state machinery of killing innocent political workers, journalists, students and other people. Jan Baloch said Balochistan National Party (Mengal) for a long time has been demanding an end to the atrocities and cruelties against the people of Balochistan but to little avail. Jan Baloch lamented, “Those now calling the Baloch leadership for negotiation should tell us what actions will be taken against those elements involved in killings of 500 innocent Baloch youth and throwing their mutilated bodies in remote areas.”
A senior journalist from Balochistan on the condition of anonymity said in these conditions, “The Baloch leadership, whether of a militant group or political will not come to sit at the negotiation table.” Actually the Baloch people no more trust Pakistani institutions because whenever Islamabad asked for negotiations, soon after a military offensive started and Islamabad had already cheated the Baloch nation when they brought Nawab Nauroz Khan from the mountains on oath using the Holy Quran and then put him behind bars. His sons and companions were later executed, adding that with such experiences and with the current situation seen by all, who would be ready to sit with PM Raja and Rehman Malik?
Ex chairman of Balochistan Students Organization and National Party leader Chairman Abdul Haleem Baloch said, “Calling for negotiations would not pay for the carnage, cruelties and injustices meted out to the people of Balochistan since the last six decades.”
Mr. Haleem said, “Unless government solves basic problems faced by Balochistan, it wouldn’t be possible to open the doors for negotiation,” adding that in order to restore peace and improve the situation in Balochistan, the government should also bring all those people on the negotiation table whether they respect Pakistani flags or not. He demanded the government should immediately bring the elements to justice involved in custodial killings of Baloch youths.
BNP Awami called such calls for negotiation a pack of lies.
BNP Awami leadership says the civilian government has no authority to remove a check-post from Balochistan. Who could believe in them?
BNP Awami believes unless government exposes and rebukes the culprits involved in killings of Baloch people, no one is ready to sit at the negotiation table.
On the other hand Balochistan Republican Party (BRP) Quetta-based leader Sureesh Bugti in a statement said the government on one side calls for negotiations, on the other hand offensive military operations are carried on in Balochistan. The BRP leader said after the PM offered negotiations, a huge military operation has been started in Dasht area of Mastung. The BRP leader said soon after the PM offered negotiations, security forces have attacked the house of elderly Baloch nationalist Abdul Nabi Bangulzai last night in Mastung. He further said a huge military offensive operation had been started in Rajanpur district against Bugti refugees.
Balochistan National Movement, Balochistan National Front, Baloch Republican Party and Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO Azad) have a very strong stance whose leaderships have no trust in Pakistani institutions and are not ready to sit at the negotiation table

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