Balochistan: The 21st Century’s Germany Under Nazis Rule

Once Goering second in Command of Hitler imperialist government asked one of his advisor “What is the solution of Jewish National Question” The Advisor replied “No Jews no National Question”. Many years ago a British Military commander has been quoted as saying “more Marri more problem, less Marri less problem and no Marri no problem” After almost sixty years the history is repeating itself. Today, however, it is not the Jews but it is the Baloch National Question!

The slogan or policies of the occupying states seem to be “No Baloch No problem”. The USSR and British Alliance succeeded in finishing the Hitler’s imperialism but these hypocrite capitalists established an artificial state to serve their purpose, Pakistan, soon after WW2. Pakistan was made by the British after they had realized that Indian State will never accept the dictation of foreign forces against their National Interest (Indian interest). The British, however, found another Nation that could play the role of a perfect watch dog against the USSR and incoming communism threats from East, that Nation was the Punjabi nation which is the dominant people in Pakistan.
Black Eid

Black Eid

The Punjabi Empire (Pakistan) is backed by its masters so called “Civilized Countries” United Kingdom and United States of America. The atrocities of Pakistan are exceeding all the limits of Past, in WW2 world saw the brutality of Nazis who claimed to be a purer nation. On the other hand in 21st century Baloch are facing a fundamentalist nation and state who claim to be the holiest Nation sent by God to protect Islam. They regard Pakistan (The land of Pure) as the forte of Islam and their army as the vanguards of Muslims world. They are of the view that rebelling against Pakistan is tantamount to rebelling against God.

Baluchistan mean “The Land of the Baloch” but now the Islamic states of Iran and Pakistan are turning Balochistan into military garrison and trying to encircle Baloch Nation in their military concentration camps. One of the most heinous crimes of these two rouge states is the enforced disappearances of around 8000 Baloch persons by Pakistan and thousands by Iranian Shia’t fundamentalist regime. Pakistan from past four months has being committing the “Kill and dump” tactic. Its security forces have murdered around forty-eight Baloch political and student activists in cold-blood. According to doctors and the families of the victims most of the deaths happened due to brutal torture and most of the victims had been shot in the head presumably after they had already died of torture.

The International Community and International Human Rights Organizations so far not only ignored the occupying states’ atrocities against Baloch people but they have been criminally silent spectators of Baloch genocide. It is said that when you see someone committing a crime and remain silent that makes you a collaborator of the criminal. Hence, the Baloch are right to believe that the International community by remaining silent about Pakistan and Iran’s atrocities in Balochistan are actually encouraging these states to commit more crimes and with immunity.
IBVMP Conference on Baloch Missing Person

IBVMP Conference on Baloch Missing Person

The Amnesty International might think that they have fulfilled their duty by publishing a 2 pages report on Baluchistan after so many years. The ICRC stated clearly to Baloch leaders “Sorry we can’t do anything for Baloch because of Pakistani pressure”. When International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons held a conference in Geneva on enforced disappearances the ICRC refused to take part in the Conference saying that “It is a political meeting not Human rights”. It should be noted that the crisis of 8000 missing persons is not the only urgent issue that need an urgent solution. The issue of IDPs, Baloch refugees in Afghanistan and different cities of Pakistan also need attention of International community and humanitarian Organisations.
Decomposed body of a Baloch Missing person

Decomposed body of Baloch Missing person

Today as I write this article on EID day, one of the holy days for Muslims around the world, Baloch Nation have received more decomposed bodies of the beloved sons of soil, according reports six bodies of Baloch missing persons had been found 3 from Quetta, 2 Mastung and 1 from Nasirabad , Turbat. (More info on missing persons). I want to remind the Pakistan Islamic military of a verse from the Holy Quran “whoever kills a human being… then it is as though he has killed all mankind; and whoever saves a human life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.’ (Quran, Surah al-Maidah (5), verse 32)”

The killed and dump tactics of Pakistani forces started when Intelligences agencies abducted Three Baloch leaders from Turbat on 3rd April 2009 and then their decomposed bodies were found on 9th April (detailed fact finding report by HRCP). Since then dozens of mutilated bodies had been discovered by local peoples who include lawyers, students, Baloch government employees, and political activists and high profile Baloch leaders.

The story does not finish here, the second tactic which Pakistan is conducting are the target killings of Baloch student and political leaders, most recent examples are the killing of Habib Jalib Baloch, a Baloch political leader and assassination attempt on Jan Mohammad Dasthi who is the owner of now banned daily asaap and a Baloch writer. Also several members of Baloch Student Organisation Azaad have been target killed by Pakistan intelligence’s dummy organization Musallah Difahi Tanzim.

Pakistan had practiced this kind of tactics against the Bengali people when their struggle for liberation was at peak and Bengalis were on the verge of getting their Independence. At that time Pakistan’s dummy organizations such as Al-shams and AL-Badar had killed thousands innocent Bengali intellectuals and students. According to New York Times (3/28/71) 10,000 people were killed by Pakistani Security Forces ; New York Times (3/29/71) 5,000-7,000 people were killed in Dhaka; The Sydney Morning Herald (3/29/71) 10,000 – 100,000 were killed; New York Times (4/1/71) 35,000 were killed in Dhaka during operation searchlight.

The Cultural, Educational and Mass genocide of Baloch Nations also resembles the stories of “Armenian Genocide” where so called last Islamic Khilafat Ottoman Empire Martyred thousands innocent Armenian in the name of the Religion.

Conclusion: Every imperialist country like Pakistan never ever respected the Human right of oppresses nations because they do not consider them as Humans. The WW2 was started by super power when Hitler marched towards their countries (Moscow and London), they didn’t act on Polish genocide neither on Armenian nor on Kurdish genocide and similarly are turning a blind eye on Baloch genocide. They always think of their own interest and used their power whenever they felt that Hitler, Ottoman and the Taliban were going to attack their territories, 9/11 is the prime example of the selfishness of the super powers. If it was not for 9/11 the Taliban would still be ruling in Afghanistan. America, its allies and NATO forces would not attack and invade Afghanistan. Pakistan will continue to kill the Baloch until the super powers get a knock on their door and realise that they are the NEXT target of Pakistani and Saudi Jihadists. Baloch should not wait for the super powers to come to their aid. They must unite and use their strength to defeat those forces that invaded Balochistan and that are committing genocide of Baloch Nation.

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