Consequences of the 25-year China-Iran agreement on Baloch People/ By: Nawwab Zeinoldini

The Islamic Republic of Iran is losing its power due to sanctions by the United Nations, European Union, especially the United States and Canada.  The Iranian regime’s economic crises which directly affecting poor people’s lives has developed into social crisis where many mass demonstrations have emerged. People’s economic, environmental, social and cultural demands have developed to a level that this regime has no fulfilling ability to their demands but has the power to brutally crash the peaceful demonstration killing, wounding and detaining thousands of protesters.

It is no more a secret that the people of countries run by the communist parties have never enjoyed their natural human and social civil rights. The Communist Government of China have taken the advantage of the Western governments’ economic sanctions on the shaken Islamic government of Iran signing a 25 years contact to plunder the coastal borders of Iran and in particular the ocean coastal harbour of Baluchistan.

We will now take a deeper look at the consequences of this agreement. Before signing the 25 years’ agreement between China and Iran, Baluch fishermen struggled with poverty due to the permission that Chinese fisheries firms had the right to use its sea sweeping fishing equipment.

Chinese fishing Sea bed sweeping nets known as “trawl” have already been destroying the coastal sea waters’ ecosystem killing all living organisms in that region including hundreds of dolphins.

After the fishermen lost their jobs, they were compelled to sell fuel at the border to feed their families where many of them alongside other unemployed young Baloch people were shot and killed by the Revolutionary Guards daily.

With this 25 years Iran-China agreement that is very tasteful under the teeth of Chinese government, China will put extending proposals to carry on looting the free zone of Chabahar, where the shaken Iranian regime, with no doubt will happily accept the extension as it will extend the failed lsystem of the Islamic regime as well, hence, mutually benefiting the large pockets of both totalitarian regimes endangering the social life and ecosystem of Baluchistan deeper than before.

In line with Islamic regime’s manipulating policy of Baloch people’s population, Chinese will build up places for its own work force settlements moved from china under the pretext of this agreement.    In fact, the Iranian regime has already started building settlements in Chabahar that can accommodate several million non-natives people moved from the centre of Iran. This project will also be a helpful tool for the regime’s manipulating policy of Baloch population in turning the Baloch nation in their own homeland to a minority sooner rather than later.

The consequences and damages of this agreement, apart from the unemployment of several thousand Baloch fishermen will also destroy the ecosystem, and thousands of other losses.

To my view It is a highly important duty of all Iranian people and in particular us the Baloch people to unitedly resist and fight the destroying policies of the Molla regime of Iran and its local and international supporters in civilian ways.

Nawwab Zeinoldini

August 2021

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