“Iran: Human Rights And The Right To Education In Mother Language” Palais De Nations Geneva, Friday 21st September 2012

Hosted by: Dr. Karen Parker, Mr. Taimoor Aliassi, Panelists : Mr Nasser BOLADAI Mr. Salih AKIN, Mr. Ozcan YILMAZ,

Invite you to a round-table on

“Iran: Human Rights and the Right to Education in mother language” Palais de Nations – Geneva, Friday 21st September 2012 (2:00 – 4:00 PM) Room XXII Palais de Nations – Geneva

Hosted by
Dr. Karen Parker, IED Chief Delegate to the United Nations, USA
Mr. Taimoor Aliassi, Association of Human Rights in Kurdistan of Iran-Geneva (KMMK-G)

Mr. Salih AKIN, Senior lecturer in linguistics, University of Rouen
Mr. Ozcan YILMAZ, Chargé d’enseignement à l’Université de Genève
Mr. Nasser BOLADAI, Congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iran, (http://iranfederal.org/en/)

Under the article 15 of the Iranian Constitution, the official language is Persian. The same article stipulates that the use of regional and tribal languages is allowed in addition to Persian, in the press and mass media, as well as in schools. However, the mention of regional languages is only a façade, since the Kurdish and other national minorities’ language is not taught in schools, the national minorities newspapers are regularly closed down and the journalists arrested.

Light lunch will be served

The round-table is also sponsored by:

Hawlati (Kurdish independent newspaper) Association of Humanitarian Lawyers (AHL)

Contact: Mr. Taimoor Aliassi – [email protected] – Tel. +41(0)79 694.28.08, Association of Human Rights in Kurdistan of Iran-Geneva (KMMK-G)

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