Mehran Not In Contact With Pak Govt Officials Murtaza Ali Shah

Mehran Baloch said that Pakistani government has relied on creating headlines about Balochistan instead of making genuine efforts to resolve the situation.

Mehran not in contact with Pak govt officials

Murtaza Ali Shah

GENEVA: Balochistan’s representative to the United Nations Human Rights Council Mehran Baloch has said that Pakistani government has not approached him or anyone in the exiled senior nationalist Baloch leadership.

Speaking at a conference here, Mehran Baloch said that he had learnt from media reports that Balochistan government officials had contacted senior Baloch figures living in exile in Europe but Mehran stressed that no such contacts has been made “with myself, Brahumdagh Bugti, Akhtar Mengal or others whom I know and who matter”.

Mehran, who was declared the chief of powerful Marri tribe by his father and veteran Baloch leader Nawab Khair Bux Marri before his death last year, told the conference on “Human rights in South Asia” that the provincial government in Balochistan was interested more in creating news headlines than taking steps to address the “genuine issues and grievances of the Baloch people”. The conference was also addressed by Dr Charles Graves and Paulo Cassaca, former European Parliament member and head of the South Asian Democratic Forum (SADF) in Brussels.

Mehran Baloch said that Pakistani government has relied on creating headlines about Balochistan instead of making genuine efforts to resolve the situation.Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Daud told this correspondent in his interview that several Baloch figures, including Mehran Baloch and Brahumdagh Bugti, were in touch with Pakistani authorities through direct or indirect means, but Mehran rejected the assertion and said that there is no proof that any of them liaised with the government officials. “I can confirm that I have not been in touch with the Pakistani government authorities directly or indirectly. If ever I am in touch with the government officials at any level, I will not hide it and will do so after taking my people into confidence. I believe in consultancy, democracy and consensus of the opinion of my advisors on Balochistan, I will not go behind their back and indulge in secret negotiations. Those who know me know it well that I do things in an open and transparent manner and don’t take covers for the genuine work that I do,” said Mehran Baloch.

He said that the issue of Balochistan cannot be resolved because a few Sardars create headlines to remain in limelight. “Their ultimate objective is to get ministerial positions. We don’t have any such aspirations. Our demands are altogether of different nature. I will never let down my people. Those who spread such news want to discredit us in the eyes of our people who have gallantly stood by us.”

Dr Charles Graves said that Baloch unity was needed as various groups fought for the same purpose but didn’t agree to sit together. He said that he would launch a campaign to try to bring together all factions and would be preparing a paper in this regard.

Paulo Cassaca said that South Asian region has gained most importance as it has connections with lots of events which are shaping the future world. He said conflicts in the region must be resolved to secure future of tens of millions of people. He said that the fast changing events in the region had very severe impact on minority communities. He said that the rights of these vulnerable communities need to be protected.


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