Nasser Mohtashami Speech At 24 Session Of Human Rights Council, Geneva

Does death penalty has any effect on reducing the crime in a society? Baloch people in Iran has been one of the national groups that is over represented in the arrest, execution and extra judicial killing in judgment to its population in Iran. Human right violation, in Balochistan has been persistent since this regime has ascended to power.

Balochistan is a large region in Iran, including Sistan and Balochistan province and some district of Kerman and Hormozgan province. Baloch Region in Iran border also Baloch region both in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Its also has a large coast in Makoran Sea which internationally known as Arab Sea.

This has made Balochistan a geostrategic region. Regime considered all kind of struggle for Baloch rights as security problem.

Since Islamic regime coming to power in 1979, started arresting executing and extra judicial killing of Baloch political cultural and social activists. Many Baloch political activists like, Shafi Mohammad Zainuddini, Khosro Mobaraki, Engineer Ibrahim Ashkan, Rahim Zardkohi and Bibagr Zardkohi either targets killed or executed.

Since 2004, we are collected a list of 260 names of executed assassinated people in Balochistan only. But we believe the numbers are much higher because the regime on many occasions transferred the Baloch prisoners to the prisons of other provinces to carry out the executions. Most of the times the prisoners are not given the right of having an independent lawyer and trials are conducted the way which suits the authorities. The executions most of the times are carried out in public squares and among the audiences are children.

As I mentioned above Iran has the highest number of executions carried out after china. Only in 2013, 30 people were executed in Balochistan. In starting Mr Rohani’s government 35 people has been executed across Iran but only in 2 weeks.

1- How the family members of the executed are financially and morally affected?
I have interviewed several people who have lost their family members or friends as a result of execution by Iranian regime. They all said after losing their family member specially if that one was the only earner of the family, they faced a very hard life. Their children most probably leave their education. The family would face financial crisis; as result children suffer psychologically. Likely hood of these children suffering from psychological disorder is very high; some of them become drug addict or get themselves on the kind of social problem.
Public execution effect society negatively, there is no doubt that regime by public execution, hanging them on the Crane in the public square. By these kind of public hanging regime wants to ridicule the family and friends of the executed person. Among the spectators of these inhuman acts are children and young’s. There is no doubt that they are psychologically affected this might affect their mental health and education. They might develop some sort of fear from security forces and authorities and not be as effective as his/her potential in the future in the society. Unfortunately 2 children who were spectators of execution are killed him self, one in Kurdistan and in Tehran.
2- Does death penalty has any effect on reducing the crime in a society? Or is effective to stop people from struggling from their national, cultural, social and economic rights? Islamic regime claim that most execution carried out to reduce crime and people that are executed are criminal but we can observe an adverse effect death penalty has not been effective to reduce crime, for example in Iran, the Islamic regime of Iran executed tens of thousands people but crime and corruption ratio is increasing year by year. Drug dealing and drug addiction is getting higher and higher. Iranian authorities claim that most of the executed persons are either drug dealers or drug addicts who were involved in other crimes as well. But we do not see any reduction of those crimes because the main problem is the Islamic regime of Iran and its system, which is a corrupt system and does not give any heed to human rights and international norms and values. Although Baloch are under suppression and are one the peoples that affected more by regimes suppression Baloch people struggle in Iran is becoming more intensified.
In addition personally I did Surveys in London city. My question was, Does death penalty has any effect on reducing the crime in a society?
90% were disagreeing, 5% said don’t know and 5% said yes death penalty has reducing the crime.


To conclude, it is a sad and regrettable fact that our human rights in Balochistan and all Iran are being violated systematically by the Iranian regime.
Balochistan Human rights organisation is hereby request the international bodies and human rights organisations such as UNHRC and EU commissioners for human rights, to take some practical steps for improvements of human rights in Balochistan – Iran.

Balochistan Human Rights Organisation
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