Three Baloch Killed In Mastung By Pakistani Military, Bnf Calls For Strike

Occupied Balochistan: At least three people have been killed during a raid on a Baloch residential area in Parkano area of Mastung town in Balochistan on Friday.

Pakistan Frontier Corps (FC), which has recently been given a free hand to carry out target operations in Balochistan, conducted the operation. The victims have been identified as Rasheed Shahwani Baloch, Shah Jahan and Saddam; Raseed Baloch reportedly died on the spot whereas Shah Jahan and Saddam were apprehended wounded and later shot dead in cold-blood.

The Baloch National Front (BNF) called for a nation wide strike in Balochistan. The released statement by the BNF said that the Pakistani forces raided the house of Rasheed Shahwani early in the morning and shot dead Rasheed and his friends. They also tortured women and children. The younger brother of Rasheed and two women also received bullet injuries during the brutal operation.

The statement also said the Pakistani brutalities continue unabated in Mashkay and adjoining areas. The forces have raided localities yesterday and have burnt the houses of local Baloch.

The BNF linked the ongoing brutalities with the upcoming Pakistani elections. It said that the Pakistani forces are levelling the ground for election with an environment of fear and brutality.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan, reputable human rights organisations and families of extra-judicially killed and abducted Baloch say they have strong evidence of FC involvement in killing and abducting their loved ones. It is pertinent to mention that two ministers of Balochistan Assembly had claimed to have witness the killing of three youth by FC in Mastung last year.

The Baloch Human Rights Organisation has announced to hold a protest demonstration outside Quetta Press Club on Saturday against the Mastung incident.

Meanwhile, Pakistani security forces have also detained several people from Saryab Road and Pashtoonabad area of Quetta.

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