Two Baloch Political Activists Tortured To Death By Iranian Security Forces

April 10, 2010 Zahidan: according to Harana News Sher Mohammad son of Mirza Shah Bux Baloch have been killed in a Zahidan prison.
Another Baloch political activist was killed in the same prison last week. The cause of their death has been kept secret by the Iranian security forces but the relatives believe that they have been tortured to death. The families of other Baloch detained activists are gravely concerned about the well-being of their relatives.

Harana News further reported that Sher Mohammad Baloch was arrested because of one of his immediate relative’s affiliation with the opposition party in Iran. The family sources said that after Sher Mohammad’s death in prison they have only been told that he died in prison and the government officials already buried him. This clearly means they wanted to hide their crimes against humanity.

Similarly, last week another activist Shahpur Shah Bux son of Ghulam Ali Baloch died in the same prison under mysterious circumstances. His body was handed over to relatives. Father of late Shah Bux Baloch said that his son’s body bore sign of extreme torture. It must be noted that Iranian security forces are notorious for torturing political detainees in order to coerce them into false admission.

At present there are several Baloch activists in the custody of Iranian Intelligence services and after the harrowing death of the two Baloch, their families’ fear that the rest of the activists might also been killed in the same manner.

Currently, the following activists are in Zahidan prison Ghull Mohammad Shah Bux S/O Allah dad, Deen Mohammd Shah Bux S/O Khudadad, Khalid Shah Bux S/O Yousaf, Abdullah Shah Bux S/O Haji Mohammd, Marullah Shah Bux S/O Haji Fakeer, Attaullah Shah Bux S/O Wali Mohammed, Ammanullah Shah Bux S/O Deen Mohammad, Rehman Shah Bux S/O Noor Mohammd and Nasser Shah Bux.

Source: Hra – News

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