Violation Of Women, Geneva War And Genocide Conventions In Baluchistan

The atrocity of Pakistan in ethnic cleansing of Baluch Nation is in a conscience shocking and alarming situation. There is no such day where an innocent Baluch has not been executed, detained and torture without lawful authority and administratively

. But, nowadays the security forces launched a faceless strategy to kidnap and throw acid on the faces of the Baloch women. According to details Pakistan military has launched fresh operation in Zamurdan, RD 238, Sori and adjoining areas of Dera Bugti including Bati, Goranari. Specially in Jaffarabad Villages of Zahro Bugti, Khaira Bugti were set on fire and several innocent people were abducted. An aged woman namely Sazi Bibi, mother of Mr Bangul Khan Bugti who was flung into fire, badly burnt and succumbed to her injuries on spot. Besides to that four thickly populated villages were also set on fire near Patfedar Canal. That is crystal clear violation of Geneva convention on war.

In violation of such elementary of human rights in a manner which may justly be held to shock the conscience of mankind. On account of which when the civilized nations and countries especially American Senators namely Dana Rohrabacher, Louie Gohmert and Steve King discerned the atrocity and brutality of Pakistan security forces in respect of flagrant Baluch genocide. Then fascist rulers of Pakistan started crying unremittingly that the senators of America who have tabled a bill regarding this extreme human rights violation in Baluchistan . Pakistani Fascist rulers termed it an internal interference in domestic matter of Pakistan and alleged that it is so called violation of international law. But, they did not pay attention to their misdeeds and commission of flagrant violation of human rights in such a conscience shocking situation which is prevailing in Baluchistan. In this direction Oppenheim’s International Law states ” The principle consists both in the adoption of the rule of the universality of jurisdiction and in the recognition of supremacy of law of humanity over the law of sovereign state when enacted or applied in violation of elementary human rights in a manner which may justly be held to shock the conscience of human kind”. Since, Pakistan has fallen under the ambit of article 55 and Chapter VII of charter of united nation, which dictates if there are flagrant violations of the human rights, in such a conscience shocking situation, the civilized nations and countries can intervene. But, astonishingly the civilized nation NATO, UNO and specially America is not yet initiating intervention. Whereas on the same situation they implemented and implementing that doctrine on the name of new norms of humanitarian intervention and international law in Middle east and Eastern Europe for example Egypt, Libya, Syria and Kosovo and so on.

Balouchistan Human Rights Association Norway

03 april 2012

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