Articles In Urdu Magazines Discuss Baluchistan Problem, Allege Global Zionist/U.S./Indian Conspiracy To Dismantle Pakistan

alleging a global conspiracy by the Zionists, Israel, the U.S., and India to divide Pakistan. The articles were published in the wake of the recent U.S.

Below are translations of two articles on the Baluchistan issue, published in Urdu-language publications in Pakistan, both alleging a global conspiracy by the Zionists, Israel, the U.S., and India to divide Pakistan. The articles were published in the wake of the recent U.S. Congressional hearing on the Baluchistan problem and the November 26, 2011 NATO raid on the Salala border checkpost which killed two dozen Pakistani soldiers.
The first article, from the Urdu-language weekly magazine Haftroza Al-Qalam – which is published by the Pakistani terror group Jaish-e-Muhammad, alleges what it calls a “Global Zionist Agenda” to divide Pakistan. Jaish-e-Muhammad is led by Maulana Masood Azhar, the militant commander released by India in 1999 in exchange for the freedom of hijacked Indian plane from Kathmandu to Kandahar. The article, titled “Burning Baluchistan… What is the Solution?” is by one Dr. Ahmad Umar, who in it cites Western sources to claim that the West is presenting the Pakistani provinces of Baluchistan and Pakhtunkhwa as independent countries such as Greater Baluchistan and Greater Pakhtunkhwa. Dr. Ahmad Umar, who is associated with the jihadi movement, says that the issue of Baluchistan is not new and that it can only be resolved through preaching Islam.
The second article, from the weekly magazine of the pro-Taliban Urdu-language daily Roznama Islam and titled “Conspiracies Against Pakistan,” is by one Abdul Jabbar Nasir. It alleges that the U.S., India and Israel are acting at the international level to dismantle Pakistan.
Following are the excerpts from Dr. Ahmad Umar’s article:[1] and from Abdul Jabbar Nasir’s article:[2]

Dr. Ahmad Umar: “Burning Baluchistan… What Is the Solution?”
“Pakistan is the Biggest Hindrance in the Path of Global Zionist Agenda; To Divide and Dismantle Pakistan is a Part of This Crusader War, Which Is Currently Underway In Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, Palestine…”
“Pakistan is presently in the midst of a global conspiracy. Pakistan is the biggest hindrance in the path of global Zionist agenda. To divide and dismantle Pakistan is a part of this Crusader war, which is currently underway in Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, Palestine and other Muslim countries.
“In 2006, Western writer Ralf Peter wrote a piece in a book. In that article he showed Greater Baluchistan and Greater Pakhtunkhwa as independent countries. It has become very imperative to understand and analyze this global Zionist conspiracy because Baluchistan that was simmering is now turning into the rising flame due to our imprudence and wrong policies. This erupting fire could not be extinguished with a few drops of water….”
“Today’s young generation has a new way of life and a few conferences and statements are not enough to stop them from going on that way. I was visiting medical colleges as part of a series of Dawa [religious preaching] program a few years ago. In a meeting I had a chance to meet some youths who came from different parts of Baluchistan.
“During the talks, I mentioned that their quotas [for admissions] in our universities and medical colleges have now been increased to a greater extent; some good universities have been established in Quetta and Turbat [towns in Baluchistan] but still they seem to be complaining.”
“I Respect You Because You Have Come Here for the Sake of Religion, But I Would Like to Tell You in Categorical Terms, We Have No Respect for Pakistan; You may Look at the Walls of Our Rooms, Where We Have Pasted the Map of Independent Baluchistan”
“My conversation was still continuing when a youth said: ‘Doctor Sahib! You are not doing any favor to us. This is our right and you have not been able to grant even this right to us. Would you tell us how many medical colleges were there in our area before 2000? How many universities were there and what resources are being provided in those institutions which are being established? Would you tell us, what have you given to us? There is no education system in existence in our area. What to talk of colleges, we don’t have high schools even.’
“[He continued,] ‘All of Pakistan’Entire Pakistan gets benefitted from… gas [supplied from Baluchistan] but we are still burning wood [for cooking]. We don’t have even pure drinking water; other basic necessities are a thing of distant. You have killed our leaders, and have kidnapped our youths and killed them.’
“After many such complaints he said: ‘I respect you, for you have come here for the sake of religion. But I would like to tell you in categorical terms, we have no respect for Pakistan. You may look at the walls of our rooms, where we have pasted the map of independent Baluchistan.’
“I told him that some people are taking them astray. Those people are taking you on the path of destruction and heresy by showing you a fanciful dream [of independent Baluchistan]. Note it, you have the honor due to Islamic brotherhood only. After saying this when I wanted to get up one of them said: ‘Dr. Sahib, please listen to one thing before you leave. The way you treated the Bengalis [Bengali-speaking Muslims of East Pakistan which became Bangladesh in 1971 as a result of war] is before us. We cannot leave our demand now.'”
“This Country [Pakistan] was Achieved in the Name of Islam and Today Islam Itself has Become Stranger Here”
“Today, when Baluchistan has become a hot issue I am reminded of those youths. I have no idea how many doctors, engineers and educated people like those youths would have become the part of independent Baluchistan movement. When we could not change the mind of the Baluchi youths studying mostly in the educational institutions of Punjab, then how could we change the mind of common Baluchi youths [based in Baluchistan]?
“This country [Pakistan] was achieved in the name of Islam and today Islam itself has become stranger here. It was desired that all the communities and tribes should have been united in the name of Islam, and in the name of one Kalimah [the words that pronounce the oneness of god to believe in Islamic monotheism – ‘there is no deity but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger’]. They should have been given the identity of Islamic unity because there was only one common factor among them and that was the Kalimah Tayyiba [There is no deity but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger].
“But unfortunately our ruling class in their own interest divided the people on the basis of language, tribes and areas. There was no problem if our rulers had only kept amassing wealth for themselves and they had not divided the nation. But today, the rulers, politicians, bureaucrats and feudal lords have created such a sense of deprivation that it seems this sense is going to divide and distribute Pakistan.”
“We Don’t Need to Hold Conferences and Seminars to Resolve the Problem of Baluchistan – But We Must Come Forward and Reach to Their Hearts [i.e. of Baluchi Youths]”
“We don’t need to hold conferences and seminars to resolve the problem of Baluchistan; but we must come forward and reach out to their hearts [of the people of Baluchistan], give them their rights with brotherly affection and purity of heart, and rebuild the bridges of heart which linked them with us and which got broken. We need to play a greater role in this regard.
“Welfare institutions should come forward and present their services for Baluchistan. The preaching institutions [such as Tablighi Jamaat] should take their pure and true message to the Baluchi youths. The message of Islam and this Kalimah taken to every house can only lessen this hatred. I would like to request our respected Emir [a reference to Maulana Masood Azhar, the chief of Jaish-e-Muhammad]… to give his attention towards this aspect also because only this could break down the wall of hatred.
“Two years back, when we distributed the beautifully published article of Emir-ul-Mujahideen [possibly Masood Azhar] titled ‘Whose Need is Pakistan?’ in the universities of Quetta, it had a great result. The land of Baluchistan is very fertile and it is the land of lively people. The need of hour is to find the root cause of the issue and then accordingly get the treatment. The aimless use of power has never and no where been proved right. We have experienced it earlier also. At least, we can read the history of our past even if we cannot read the reading on the wall.”
Abdul Jabbar Nasir: “Conspiracies Against Pakistan”
“The Struggle for Provincial Autonomy for Baluchistan has Turned into a Secessionist Movement… and Now Their Voice is Being Heard in the U.S. Congress As Well; Of Course, the Anti-Islam and Anti-Pakistan Forces would Be Happy with These Steps”
“The conspiracy to break the country [Pakistan] into pieces was also exposed after the violation of borders by the U.S. [the November 26, 2011 attack on Pakistani border post that killed 26 Pakistani soldiers]. But amidst all these situations the rulers of Pakistan … seem to be entangled in their own interests.
“Pakistan, at present, is facing international and local conspiracies. The debate in the U.S. Congress on the issue of Baluchistan and unrest in many areas of the country, including Baluchistan, is a practical proof of it.
“The situation in Baluchistan has been serious for past one decade. The main cause behind this is the steps taken by the former military dictator Pervez Musharraf. The struggle for provincial autonomy for Baluchistan has turned into a secessionist movement due to these steps of the military dictator and now their voice is being heard in the U.S. Congress as well. Of course, the anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan forces would be happy with these steps.
“In fact, the wound of Baluchistan has become a running sore and now it is needed to take practical steps on large-scale to do away with it. Its solution is not military operation alone, but to find a solution by holding meetings with the patriotic Baluchis.
“The present government after its formation [in 2008] announced the package named ‘Aghaz Huqooq-e-Baluchistan’ [initiative for the rights of Baluchistan] but it gave more pain to the Baluchi people rather than becoming a partner in their grief. Although, [President] Asif Ali Zardari, being a Baluchi, understands their temperament, yet … the issue of Baluchistan took a severe turn during his tenure.”
“On the One Hand, the U.S. and Israel are Active on International Level to Dismantle Pakistan, While On the Other They Are Fanning This Conspiracy Through Their Embassies in India, Afghanistan and Iran”
“To put ointment on the wounds of the Baluchis it was needed that [former Pakistan Army chief General] Pervez Musharraf should have been tried in court for all the crimes, including for the assassination of [Baluchi nationalist elder] Nawab Akbar Bugti [in a Pakistan Army operation] instead of being allowed to go out of the country with guard of honor [available to him as a former President] so that all the people, including Baluchis, could have asked for explanation in accordance with the Pakistani laws and constitution from that tyrant in the court about the oppressions done on them.
“But Pervez Musharraf was allowed to leave the country under the pressure and wishes of the world powers. Today, the same forces are trying to disintegrate Baluchistan from Pakistan. On one hand, the U.S. and Israel are active on international level to dismantle Pakistan while on the other they are fanning this conspiracy through their embassies in India, Afghanistan and Iran. Our institutions have irrefutable evidences in this regard also; but the [Pakistani] rulers are refraining from bringing them to fore fearing the displeasure of the world powers.
“Now facing the facts, we have not only to bring those proofs to the fore to expose these conspiracies but we have to warn Iran and Afghanistan also not to let their soil be used against Pakistan. The Pak-Iran-Afghanistan Summit in Islamabad on February 17, 2012 expressed its resolve that they would not allow their soil to be used against each other, but there is no time for such claims and promises; but [it is time] to take practical steps.
“It is no secret to anyone that the soil of Afghanistan is being used for causing unrest in Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and for religious riots in other parts of the country. Similarly, the soil of Iran is being used for religious riots in other parts of Pakistan apart from Baluchistan. While Pakistan too has to take practical measures so we can get rid of these troubles.”
“The U.S. Is Not Only Interfering In the Internal Affairs Of Pakistan, But It Is Now Also Debating the Secession Of Baluchistan, And We Ourselves Have Provided That Opportunity”
“In the present situation, the mutual cooperation of the three countries is more necessary to Iran and Afghanistan than to Pakistan. Presently on international level, nooses are being tightened against Iran on the one hand, and Afghanistan is also facing extreme kind of uncertainty on the other. In the present condition, the resolution of Afghan issue is very necessary but this could not be resolved by keeping aside the real party, the Taliban.
“If the rulers of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan want peace in the region it is important that all the parties there, especially the Taliban, should be consulted. If the puppet rulers of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan tried to resolve the issue by keeping the real party [to the issue] on the sideline the result would be worse than that in the past.
“After 9/11, the ally for whom Pakistan put all its things at stake, now the conspiracy of that very ally against Pakistan has been exposed. The U.S. is not only interfering in the internal affairs of Pakistan, but it is now also debating the secession of Baluchistan, and we ourselves have provided that opportunity.”
“Besides Baluchistan, the issue of missing persons has also taken a serious turn… [about] 10,000 people are missing from the country and the [Pakistani] secret agencies are being alleged [for that]. One of the reasons behind the severity of the Baluchistan issue is the [issue of the] missing people….”
“We Carried Out a Large-Scale Crackdown [Against Militants] in the Country After 9/11 to Make the International Terrorist America Happy”
“We carried out a large-scale crackdown [against militants] in the country after 9/11 to make the international terrorist America happy. During this period, all people who had direct or indirect links with Afghan and Kashmir Jihad were meddled with.
“The fulfilment of this very wish of the international terrorist [America] has become a weeping sore for our national existence. The dead bodies of missing people have played an important role in taking the struggle for autonomous status for Baluchistan to the secessionist movement. If our institutions did not learn from it even now, then this would aggravate.
“The matter of missing persons has become a big issue in the Pakistani politics and media…. The main reason behind it has been the recovery of four dead bodies of the 11 people who went missing from Adiala jail [allegedly killed by Pakistani intelligence], and the mothers of three of them died of heart attacks. Although, security agencies in their objectionable statement of February 17, 2012 have expressed extreme reservations regarding the 11 missing people, the security agencies should know that no one has raised any voice against their not being involved in terrorism.
“Instead, media and the nation are demanding that all those [including Pakistan intelligence agencies] who are involved in terrorism or anti-national activities should be brought to book…. There are some national security agencies which are picking up innocent people from their houses and after many years, months and days their arrest is being shown by declaring their involvement in some incidents of terrorism; and there are some whose dead bodies are being recovered. This is the very practice which is becoming the reason of extreme public fury and concern.
“If the issue of the people involved in terrorism in Pakistan is minutely analyzed, it will be seen that there are a number of people who became victim of the atrocities of Pakistani secret agencies directly or indirectly, and, helpless, they had to choose some other place where they became part of conspiracy knowingly or unknowingly because on the instructions of the military dictator [General Musharraf] after the 9/11 the agencies tightened the noose against the people or groups participating in Afghan and Kashmir jihad directly or indirectly; and large-scale conspiracies were hatched against religious forces which resulted in turmoil in the country.
“[The U.S.] drone attacks and the interference of the U.S. and Allied [countries] made the matters grave. The operations by the FBI and the American CIA in Pakistan made the situation more severe. Drone attacks are still continuing and if we did not take any remedy immediately then the situation would become extremely severe.
“After the [November 26, 2011 NATO] attack on Salala checkpost our rulers claimed to have stopped NATO supplies which is a blatant lie and it is synonymous to dupe the nation because now U.S. Ambassador [to Pakistan] Cameron Munter, Pakistani Defense Minister Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar and Federal Minister for Information Firdous Ashiq have openly accepted it [that the supplies are continuing]. The well-informed circles say that NATO supplies are not only continuing through air, but it has also been restored through land routes, though it is being named as Afghan trade. Federal Minister for Information Firdous Ashiq claims that only things used by children and eatables are being supplied. Would the minister like to inform the nation as for whom the full size ‘Pampers or diapers’ [used by U.S. soldiers] are being supplied….?”


[1] Haft Roza Al-Qalam (Pakistan), Issue No. 340, 23-29 March, 2012.
[2] Roznama Islam – Magazine (Pakistan), February 20, 2012,
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