Dialogue Only On Freedom Of Balochistan, 1948 Occupation Is Pakistani Foreign Aggression: Hyrbyair Marri & Mir Suleiman Daud

“In free Balochistan there will be no place for sardari system or Pakistani fake democracy”, added the Baloch leader.

London: Patriotic Baloch leaders Hyrbyair Marri and Mir Suleiman Daud categorically said that Balochistan was illegally occupied by Pakistan in 1948 and that the occupation was foreign aggression.

Both Mr Marri and Mir Suleiman Daud, the Khan of Kalat, expressed these view while talking to a private TV channel from London. Answering to a question about negotiations with Pakistan, Hyrybiar Marri said that he was ready for dialogues but not on anything less than independence of Balochistan. Talking about foreign involvement in Balochistan issue Mr Marri said that the only foreign hand he can see in Balochistan is the Pakistani aggression and invasion of Balochistan in 1948.

Answering to a question about “What is the mechanism of getting freedom and that Zardari would not give freedom to Balochistan”, Hyrbyair replied that we (Baloch) will knock the doors of International powers for support. He also urged the Baloch nation that every Baloch should work hard and spend their energy for independence of Balochistan.

Hyrbyair Marri further said that even though the Baloch tried to have friendly relations with Pakistan and co-exist as good neighbours but Pakistan Punjabi elite has never been friendly to Baloch, their attitude has been of master and slave; they treated Balochistan as a colony. Pakistan’s only interest in Balochistan has been the natural resources which it has been looting from past 65 years. He went on to say that Pakistan is the name of the interests of Punjab and its elite.

Mr Marri said that historical documents prove that Balochistan was a sovereign state and Pakistan illegally annexed it without the will of Baloch people. “Since the illegal occupation and forced annexation of Balochistan, Pakistan left no stone unturned to loot and plunder Balochistan’s natural wealth.”

Answering to the argument of Pakistani analyst Mr Muhammad Ejaz, who was also a participant of the same programme, Hyrbyair said that the British had recognised Balochistan’s sovereignty. Historical document also illustrate that British had an agreement with the Khan of Kalat “that when a foreign country attacks Balochistan the British is bound to help the Baloch”. Unfortunately, the British did not honour their agreement with the Baloch however, on basis of a similar packet with Belgium the British fought against Germans when they attacked Belgium.

In the view of historical facts about Balochistan, Baloch leaders said that, the international community has the right to support Baloch struggle for freedom.

To a query about democracy in free Balochistan, Mr Marri said that tolerance and democracy are in genes of Baloch people and historically a sardar is selected through democratic process but Pakistan has corrupted the sardars and the system of their selection. “In free Balochistan there will be no place for sardari system or Pakistani fake democracy”, added the Baloch leader.

The Khan of Kalat Mir Suleiman Daud, who was the third participant of the same TV programme, said that Balochistan was illegally occupied. He said Mr Jinnah had recognized Balochistan’s independent and sovereign status and worked as legal advisor for the Baloch ruler (Khan of Kalat). The Khan also confirmed that British had an agreement with Balochistan that in case of a foreign the British will protect Balochistan. Answering the argument of the Pakistani analyst Mir Suleiman Daud said that the current governor and chief minister of Balochistan have publically admitted that they do not even have 5% authority over Balochistan’s affairs.

He said the Pakistani occupying forces were the ones who attacked Balochistan and they are the ones who restored to violent acts against Baloch people. He rejected the possibility of talk with Pakistani leadership saying that they were unworthy of negotiations, as they are marred in corruption-such as Mehran Bank case and Memo-gate scandal. Answering to the anchor-person’s question of giving a time frame for Balochistan’s independence, Mir Suleiman confidently said that Balochistan will be free in his life time – Insha Allah (by the will of God).

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