Scba Moot Call For End To Balochistan Operation, Political Parties Throw Weight Behind 14 Point Resolution

The resolution demanded stoppage of paramilitary operations, release of arrested political prisoners and recovery of missing persons.

Islamabad-The Conference organized by Supreme Court Bar Association has adopted fourteen-point declaration to resolve Balochistan issue. The resolution demanded stoppage of paramilitary operations, release of arrested political prisoners and recovery of missing persons. Speakers called for urgent measures for the resolution of Balochistan issue and removal of sense of deprivation among the residents of province. It also said that the issue is political and it needed a political solution. Expressing their views at a National the speakers from various political parties stressed for taking on board all segments in the province over all policies and development projects, besides, redressing their genuine demands.

The speakers also urged for talks with self exiled politicians, provincial autonomy, maintenance of law and order, stoppage of military operations, release of arrested political prisoners and recovery of missing persons.

The declaration said the situation in Balochistan is complex and solutions too, must be found in multiple directions including renegotiation of the question of Provincial autonomy with economic resources to the province.

It emphasised that the crisis was one which could only be resolved through political dialogue, negotiations and through building confidence between the people of Balochistan and the Federal Government.

The declaration said politics of Garison should be replaced by the civilian authorities that genuinely represent the will of the people.

It said it is crucial to ensure that all those responsible for authoring and killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti should be forthwith arrested and brought to justice in an open trial. It said an effective mechanism should be adopted to ensure that all natural resources in Balochistan are under the control of the people of the area. It said that all those citizens of settled in Balochistan irrespective of their language caste or belief be equally respected and their social and economic rights be protected. The Conference commended the Supreme Court for taking up the case of missing persons in Balochistan but urges that those accused of heinous crimes of killings and disappearances should be brought to justice.

The declaration said that an inter-parliamentary committee should prepare a White paper on the human rights violation carried out in Balochistan during the Musharraf regime to the present day. The report should be presented and discussed in the parliament. It demanded that political prisoners and missing persons in custody of different state agencies be released forthwith.

The declaration suggested that and Independent Inquiry Commission be appointed and appropriate compensation be paid to all those who have lost their lives or have become disabled on account of conflict situation. It recommended that all religious leaders of different sects should commit themselves to create the culture of tolerance and religious harmony. Rigorous training programme should be given to the FC and the police for respecting human rights of the people of the province. The FC should be strictly prohibited to go beyond their scope of work. In parallel to political negotiations as a foresaid, all military and para-military operations are to be stopped forthwith and the army and frontier constabulary is to be called back to The consultation calls upon political parties to play a proactive role in promoting a democratic culture in Pakistan. To this end political parties may consider signing of yet another Charter of Democracy so that they may gain the confidence of the people and play a leadership role rather remain stick to the status quo. The declaration strongly pleaded for a peaceful transfer of civilian power. It called upon political parties to ensure that the forthcoming elections will be held in a fair, free and transparent manner. Political parties urged to rise above personal interests and set up a genuinely neutral electoral mechanism.

Addressing the conference on Balochistan, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Nawaz Sharif said that atrocities and injustices turned Balochs into insurgents.

He demanded accountability of the killers of Nawab Akbar Bugti and recovery of missing persons to improve deteriorating situation in the Balochistan province.

He said the way Nawab Akbar Bugti was murdered and laid to rest was deplorable. “Even family members were not allowed to attend the funeral of Nawab Sahib”.

He said those responsible for the missing persons should be brought to book.

The political leadership, bar associations and civil society should join hands and come forward to initiate a campaign to resolve issues,” he added.

Suggesting some steps for improving the situation in the province, he said, “We should admit our mistakes and give rights to the Baloch youth.”

Nawaz Sharif said he and his party would support any initiative for ensuring rule of law and rule of the people.

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